The Best Perth Lounge Bars


Perth is in Western Australia, the richest state in Australia with a resource industry
that practically keeps the Australian economy going. Many of the workers commute
to the mines and are on massive wages, with contracts that allow them to work for
two weeks in the mines and then return home. Most live in Perth and have a lot of
disposable income.

Perth lounge bars dotted about in the many five star hotel hotels, these Perth lounge
bars encourage one to dress up to match the opulent sophisticated atmosphere, and
there is superb service to match.
Some Perth lounge bars may be described as slick and sexy, with comfortable
luxurious settees, amazing décor which will make you think you are on an old
Hollywood film set. They have gentle music that allows you to talk and generally
have a very civilized evening. Others offer live music and DJs that you will not hear
in the average bar.
The Burswood complex offers every thing from theatre to a casino, and also boasts
top drawer Perth lounge bars with waiter service to underline the complexes five star
status, where the drinks are poured to perfection, the complex also boasts Perth’s
hottest night club.
Perth lounge bars are not cheep and they reflect the fact that their customers have a
lot of money and expect all that goes with their buying power. Never the less it’s still
worth going to one of these Perth lounge bars, it’s certainly a different evening and
sure to leave you with a lot to remember and dine over.