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lucy rose

lucy roseLucy Rose, the newest kid on the block, well the London block that is – with her gentle folky vocals, and lyrics that will thaw even the iciest of hearts. Pouring emotions into her music in a delicate yet informed manner, Lucy Rose isn’t just another female singer that might slip into the abyss in this current era when female artists seem to have the monopoly of the charts, and appears to be far from the pop princesses that were too once guitar strumming musos. Here we speak to her to find out what she’s been up to and what’s inspiring her sound…

What have you been up to at the moment?

I’ve just done the Bombay Bicycle Club tour, which was good fun, supporting them and singing on their album, which was nice, and deciding what’s the best way to record an EP!

You’ve been making waves over the last year or so, what’s been the best break for you so far?

I’d honestly say the Bombay Bicycle club tour but I’m not sure if I’m bias because of how much fun I had over the last couple of weeks. Playing music constantly, I had so much fun. I had so much response from it and that’s been the best help for me really.

You’ve got quite a lot of following on ‘MySpace’ how important would you say that site has been to you and also to other up and coming musicians?

It is important because people can go and listen to something. It’s not like I have to release something for people to listen to my music people can just go and listen to it, I can put new work up. It can show that I’m a working progress and hopefully people can understand that, that’s not the final product it’s just where I’m at, at the moment. So I really like it for that reason. If your small enough it’s actually impossible to get a gig, [but you] can get a gig from people listening to you and thinking I like it, I’ll go to her show.

Would you say that growing up in the Countryside affected some of the purity of your music?

Maybe, but I’ve never thought of it, it may well have. I dunno, I think so. I’m like a granny though when my mum hears someone swearing in a song she’s like that’s so unnecessary and I’m totally like her. When someone swears in a song I’m always like that’s a crap way to expressing what you feel like, come on use some better vocabulary, unless it’s really necessary but I am a little bit of a square.

What were your musical influences growing up?

It’s kind of embarrassing. All I seemed to grow up on was Radio 1 on the way to and from school so that’s all I listen to. You know I was the same as any other teenager and didn’t have someone saying listen to Lily Allen or something like that. Then when I got to London the amount of people I met here were saying go listen to this, and it was people that I’d never even heard of, I was about seventeen and I was so behind until I moved to London then suddenly my music knowledge went crazy, now I don’t listen to anything but sort of old music and radio one is never on.
You play quite a few instruments though don’t you?


What would you say was your favorite out of all of them?

My favorite it has to be drum kit just because it’s so much fun, just playing drums in a band and not worrying about anything. I don’t know if I’m good enough, I used to be but I haven’t played for years I haven’t even practiced it.

Who you into at the moment?

I’m still going through this four year love affair with Neil Young because he’s releasing a new album which I’m excited about. Of course he is amazing. My main song I love at the moment is Talking Heads it’s such a good tune, it’s so funky and I love that song but that will change, week from week it’s never the same.

How would you sum up your sound yourself if you were to put it into a genre?

I’m still in the process of finding it at the moment, but it’s properly you know like, it’s massively acoustic based and I want to keep it that way, it’s sort of fast but it really is acoustic based which I actually love, I’ve always wondered if I should move it but I’m happy with that and then sort of alternative acoustic, like metal pop but I’m just so bad at that sort of thing but I’m still trying. I want to try and do many songs with weird time signatures and be really experimental with it.

That sounds cool and obviously you’ve come out of a generation where there’s been quite a lot of successful female artists, why do you think it’s been coined the era for the girl?

Which of your songs is your favorite to perform?

At the moment it’s still going to be ‘Middle of the Bed’ because it’s got that middle eight bit, it’s just asking for some sort of dance track mix. I just love that middle eight bit every time I play it and always think it’s just a little bit unusual.

What have you got planned next?

Doing a show at the Old Queens Head and I’m taking it over and playing all my favorites friends music and my favorite acts at the moment on the bill. So that’s my next thing I need to worry about getting the set ready and all of that. It’s going to cost a bit of money but hopefully we will have a good time. Don’t think anything else is happening just waiting to get back in the studio.

What do you enjoy doing that has nothing to do with music at all?

Driving my car, I’m obsessed with it. I’ve got a Morris Minor soft top, so any free moment whether the sun is shining or not I go on a road trip somewhere. So any free moment I try to get in the car, it’s kinda sad but I love it.

By Hannah Shakir