Magical Singapore – The Asian Lion City

Magical Singapore - The Asian Lion City

Singapore is a city-state like no other in the entire globe. It is a multicultural hub comprised of Malaysian, Chinese, Arab, English, and Indian cultures, all with a charming twist of Singaporean way of life.

The locals refer to Singapore as the “Lion City”- a futuristic city with a ton of attractions and experiences everywhere you look. It is rated as a prime destination in Southeast Asia offering the best of everything from amazing culinary experiences, world-class accommodations, exhilarating nightlife and so much more!

Let us take a closer look at the exciting Singapore lifestyle.

What to Expect in Singapore

Look forward to a blend of Asian culture infused with western progressive lifestyle when traveling to Singapore. To those visiting for the first time, Singapore is the perfect bridge to the Asian way of life. The Lion City is all skyscrapers, modern shop houses, ornamental temples and mosques, large malls, picturesque parks and so much more. The highlight feature for Singapore is the garden city ambiance that is always clean and safe.

The Lion City is compared to the likes of Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul. The quality of life is quite high which giving all its residents the best of everything at considerable rates. The country holds nothing back when it comes to the culinary arts and enhancing recreation to complement people’s lifestyles. The legal system is forbearing but strict on drug use. Crime rates are therefore minimal thus making it possible for anyone to settle in despite their background.

Fun Things to Do In Singapore

Magical Singapore - The Asian Lion City

The Lion City ranks top among the most visited places in the region. This is because it has something for everyone no matter how specific your preferences and persuasions are. Do not miss a chance to visit the incredible botanic gardens. They are some of the best you will ever see.

Other destinations include the exciting Singapore Flyer, the scenic Marina Bay Sands, art galleries, the breath-taking cloud forest, the biggest aquarium in the world, wild parties and so many other attractions!

Online Gaming Trends in Singapore

Southeast Asia in the past years has been acknowledged as the fastest growing online gaming market and is projected to grow more rapidly in the new decade. Current statistics reveal that there is an online population of over 4 million users in Singapore, in which close to 3 million are online gamers. This makes it a lucrative market for online casinos with the potential to grow exponentially. The best online casinos in Asia such as listed on have incredible offers that make online betting both fun and profitable.

For Singapore, the government has imposed many regulations on online gambling making it illegal to use unauthorized offshore betting sites. The newly passed remote gambling act also restricts advertising online gambling services as well as promoting remote gambling. The only authorized online gambling developers are local non-profit operators.

The gaming landscape is however expected to change in the coming decade as the country establishes a centralized gambling authority to oversee the industry. The Gambling Regulatory Authority is set to be a statutory board taking over from 2021. Their central role will revolve around optimizing the gambling industry by adapting to fast-emerging industrial trends. The holistic approach holds the potential to redefine the local online market.

How People Gamble In Singapore

Magical Singapore - The Asian Lion City

The number of online gamblers in the Lion City has multiplied over the years. This is contrary to past trends before the current decade where gambling, in general, was recording a steady decline. For residents above 18 years, over 50% actively engage in a form of gambling. Accessibility of smart technology and user-friendly online casino websites have improved how the residents gamble as well as the range of games they are willing to play. This can however be improved if the government eases regulations.

The authorization of online gambling in Singapore only gave the green light to the two casino monopolies in the country. This has not worked to stimulate the local market because without a competitive environment, there are very few incentives offered to customers. The authorized online casinos record high demand for online poker, blackjack, slot games, roulette, craps, and Sic Bo. The online gambling options will increase in the new decade as multiple new slots and table games are set to hit the market.

The entire nation cannot wait to see the changes by the new regulatory body to enhance the online gambling experience. Many have expressed their bitter sentiments on how it is easier for foreigners to access casino games than it is for the locals- who have to buy an expensive daily permit to enjoy such games.