Matrix & Futurebound Interview

Emeli Sande, Tinie Tempah, Jess Glynne, Eric Prydz and Birdy… that is just some of the names touched with the Matrix & Futurebound remix brush. Indeed, they just don’t come more decorated than the UK duo: not many can boast of producing four consecutive Top 40 UK tracks (hits such as ‘All I Know’, ‘Magnetic Eyes’, ‘Don’t Look Back’ and the legendary ‘Control’). Their return to Australasia are very anticipated and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to chat with the scene leaders before they arrive…

Hey Jamie and Brendan, how are you both?
We’re doing really well thanks! Getting ready for the looooong trip down under. Great to be heading back there again.

This year marks 10 years since you released your debut album ‘Universal Truth’, are there any plans to release a sophomore album?
Yes. Wow, ten years! We do get asked a lot if we’re making an album and it’s definitely something we might do but we kind of find ourselves just wanting to release records as soon as we’ve finished them. We’re too impatient. It might just happen though as we’ve got a lot of unreleased stuff at the moment.

You’ve stated before that it was aves in the UK and emergence of jungle and rave music in the 1908’s and 19090’s that sparked your interest in DJing and music production, which artists and DJ’s were your biggest inspiration at that time?
As much as anything, it was about the whole spirit of the rave scene. It wasn’t ANYWHERE near the kind of professional business that it is today. It was totally chaotic and raw. People would roll up in a field, set up a sound system and it was on. It was all about not having a care in the world and just being totally immersed in the music and that’s the vibe we have always tried to capture with our records.

Fabio, Grooverider, DJ Hype, Simon Bassline Smith, Mickey Finn, Carl Cox, Sasha, Randall…. they were all big inspirations for sure, and still are. There were a few key record labels as well, like Moving Shadow and Suburban Bass where you knew you could just buy their vinyl without even hearing it because it was ALWAYS a winner. Foul Play was probably the ultimate Moving Shadow artist. Definitely worth checking if you want a lesson in Rave history.

What do you think about the current DnB scene back in the UK at the moment?
There’s some amazing stuff coming from guys like Culture Shock and Dimension. Guys like that are really pushing things forward and that’s what D&B is about. Constant evolution and reinvention. Fabric being re-opened is also great news for UK D&B as that has always been one of the focal points for the London scene.

You recently remixed a track fro Emeli Sande ‘Breathing Underwater’, what process do you go through when remixing a track as opposed to producing one of your own? We absolutely love the track by the way!
It’s all about finding a way to put our own spin on the track, whilst respecting the original record. That’s why we only remix stuff that we like to start with. If you have an amazing vocal like this one from Emeli Sande then it makes the job a lot easier. She’s definitely one of those artists that we’ve always wanted to remix simply because of the power of her vocals. It combines perfectly with our sound. Throw in the gospel choir for good measure and you’re home and dry!

You’ve played Australia and New Zealand in the past so you will know that we’re big DnB fans over here, do you find you get different reactions to your music in different parts of the world?
Yes, you get different reactions in some places for sure. The great thing about Australia and NZ is that they were very early adopters of Drum & Bass and that makes it a much more open minded place so we know we can play across the board in terms of style and that’s what we like best. Drum & Bass has always been a great big melting pot which takes in every flavour of dance music and spits them out in a new way. That’s why we love it!

Speaking of different parts of the world, where has been your favourite place you’ve ever performed? Are there any places still on your bucket list to go?
It’s hard to say because we’ve been to a LOT of great places over the years. Seeing that our passion for music has taken us around the globe is mind boggling really. We did a tour in China a while back and that stands out as a pretty special one just because it’s somewhere you never would have dreamed to be playing when you first set foot in a rave many years ago. We’ve never done South America so I guess that’s on the to do list.

Finally, you have been busy lately, releasing three singles in just four months, what has the rest of 2017 got in store for Matrix & Futurebound?
We’ve just dropped a new single this week called ‘The Wall’ which is on the more grimy side of what we do. Lots more to come very soon so stay tuned.

Tour Dates

Thursday 26th January: Royal Melbourne Hotel, Melbourne
Friday 27th January: Chinese Laundry, Sydney
Saturday 28th January: Hidden Festival, Perth
Saturday 4th February: The Biscuit Factory, Brisbane
Wednesday 8th February: Cassette Nine, Auckland
Thursday 9th February: The World Bar, Queenstown
Friday 10th February: Winnie Bagoes City, Christchurch
Saturday 11th February: San Fran, Wellington

Matrix & Futurebound ‘The Wall’ is out now through Viper Recordings. More info here