MCDE Announce Melbourne Sideshow

motor city drum ensemble

Motor City Drum Ensemble has announced a Melbourne sideshow at The Forum Theatre to supplement his performance at Let Them Eat Cake NYD.

Danilo Pesslow aka Motor City Drum Ensemble is nothing short of a musical prodigy. The highly revered Stuttgart producer encapsulates the raw and gritty sound of techno coming out of Detroit in the 70’s, and has infused his love affair with soul and jazz into his unique production style. Growing up playing the drums in his high school big band, whilst collecting all the vinyl he could get his hands on, you can quite audibly identify his curiosity with the intersection between traditional genres and modern dance music. 

Committed to producing music using only organic instrumentation (much within the same realm as his idols Theo Parrish and Moodymann), the sound of MCDE consistently manages to incorporate beautiful melodic chord progressions stacked upon heavy percussion – always adept at keeping the dance floor moving.

Look no further than his early work in the form of the now infamous Raw Cuts Series released on his own label MCDE. This 3×12” body of work uses only samples obtained from his extensive record collection and quickly earned a high reputation within the industry.

“You can have all the gear in the world and still make mediocre music, so it’s not about that – you have to know where you want to go. With Raw Cuts, I had a very clear vision and could just lose myself completely in the music. So I’d say that the idea or the mood you are in comes first, and then you choose whatever instrument you want to express yourself with” – Attack Magazine

The sound of Motor City Drum Ensemble in 2018 still holds the foundations of his iconic earlier sound, but at a more sophisticated level. Having spent the year touring everywhere from the Netherlands, to Malta (and even a killer 3 hour set at Pitch Music and Arts 2018), Danilo also found the time to release a two track EP under his artistic alias Danilo and Pablo.

Playing at possibly the most ‘Melbourne’ venue in Melbourne, Motor City Drum Ensemble is sure to sell out The Forum Theatre on January 11th 2019, with local support artists Andras and DJ Jnett.

Grab tickets here.

Words by Marli Grosskopf