Men’s Fashion Trends to Follow In 2022

Men's Fashion Trends to Follow In 2022

With its brilliantly colored items, striped suits, extra-wide pants, men’s fashion leggings, and huge (couture) sweatpants, – Spring/Summer 2021 was all about freedom, comfort, and hope. As a countermeasure to the pandemic we’ve been experiencing, fashion brands and designers are showing new shapes in 2022.

Designers have been compelled to think imaginatively about how to present their collections for the previous two seasons. You’ll be happy to learn that fashion is slowly returning to normalcy. Social media has been a driving force for businesses. Hence, technology is molding the recent Spring/Summer 2022 menswear cycle than in the previous two seasons combined. The designers also looked happier, with the great majority displaying a newfound creative enthusiasm not seen during the recurrent lockdowns.

Along with the prevalence of the color black, a new formality was created via effortless office attire. Outfits can indeed reunite us with the social life we’ve been missing for the previous two years: imagine innovative spins on cardigans, brilliant colors, and party guy styles with glittering pants guaranteed to get anybody on the dance floor. So, without further ado, here are men’s fashion trends that you can see in 2022. 

Slash Proof Jacket

Slash Resistant Clothing is a type of clothes that can protect you in ways that regular clothing can’t, especially from the slashing and cutting impacts of a knife or other edged weapon attack. Leather has traditionally been worn in the middle of the season. It is transcending time and space this time to exhibit its freshly discovered summer atmosphere in the form of pants or maybe an entire look.

Sharp materials have the potential to hurt or kill anyone who comes into touch with them, especially when they strike vulnerable body parts. Excessive bleeding is the leading cause of death in those struck by a sharp item, aside from directly impacting the heart or lungs. Hence, this slash-proof clothing can act as a safety jacket for you.

Double Denim

Denim is always a good choice. It’s the safest and most dependable option in your wardrobe. Many designers have dabbled with this material, and today it’s fashionable to layer denim on top of denim. They toiled away for a long time before coming up with the concept of off-shoulder denim for guys, which is a relatively recent trend that appeals to many fashionistas.

Traditional and beautiful pieces have full sleeves and a diagonal cut coupled with torn denim pants. The deep cut allows for a statement piece around the neck, and the objective was to give the upper body structure. Light-colored denim jackets and pants with a white shirt inside also follow this style.

Sandal Statement

Whenever it comes to footwear, there is no such thing as too much comfort. Men’s sandals have resurfaced on the market, taking the place of large, elegant boots and leather shoes. Aesthetic styles in brilliant hues may add a nostalgic sense to your shoe collection. For the summer of 2022, slide-in slippers and flip-flops are all you need. Elevate your summer style with the timeless comfort and sophistication of Del Toro Shoes.

Men's Fashion Trends to Follow In 2022

Neon Highlights

It’s nearly impossible not to notice the neon trend. Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton is an excellent example. Cobalt blue pants and a fluffy hat are paired with a good leather jacket with wide flap pockets and a belt with monogram embossing and neon color gradient. Neon meets practicality and comfort at JW Anderson and Dries Van Noten. For the former, stripes and the famed JW Anderson chain leather loafers add neon green touches to an athletic combination consisting of running shorts and a knitted pullover.

It’s a rain jacket with a neon design made up of Dries Van Noten team smartphone images and etchings by Brueghel and Rubens for the latter. It pays a creative homage to the present and past of Amsterdam.

Monochromatic Looks and Bomber Jackets

Monochrome was a big hit during Milan Fashion Week Men’s, with companies like Fendi, Etro, and Tod’s all-embracing the style in various colors, from neutral creams and camels to more bright colors like royal blue and orange.

The bomber jacket, a timeless men’s outerwear essential noted for its adaptability, front-zip fastening, and ribbed cuff appeared to fade from fashion for a few years before making a strong comeback.

Free from Sleeves

Sleeveless was always in trend, and it will continue to reign in 2022 as well. The trend was initially seen when many designers like Prada and Marni began exhibiting tidy sweater vests. At the same time, Riccardo Tisci recently dedicated his whole menswear collection to the power of an exposed bicep.

The Big Shorts

If short shorts were the topic of TikTok this year, the gigantic Bermuda shorts would be the discussion of 2022. The best examples include big billowing shorts, much more flattering on older legs. They were cut from the finest leathers at Hermès, nature element, in crisp mohairs and twills at Fendi, Zegna, and Wooyoungmi. Here the wearers paired them with overshirts and suit jackets in coordinated color shades). Such a trend also came from Giorgio Armani, Lanvin, and Dries van Noten, where the users created an over-the-knee vibe in a significant way.


Think again if you believed the pandemic’s focus on fundamentals would result in primary and safe collections. Among the designer names foreshadowing the return of maximalism in Spring/Summer 2022 men’s clothing are Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Vetements. Loud fashion is becoming a more popular form of hopeful expression among customers who have been imprisoned in loungewear for more than a year.