Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry 101

Men’s Hip Hop Jewelry 101


Everyone has the same few artists in mind when we’re talking about hip hop. They come from various backgrounds with different music styles, but there’s definitely one thing they have in common – they have drip. People like Drake, Kanye, Lil Wayne, or even Jay-Z, are almost always seen decked out in icy and fresh jewelry. Looking at how immaculate their style is, who wouldn’t want to be them? Everyone wants to be them, reaping in the fame and successes, and doing all that with chains made out of diamonds. These six-figure chains scream confidence, illustrating their prestige without the need to use any words. If you’re looking to delve into the realm of jewelry for men, look no further! Here, we will tell you all the things you have to know about hip-hop jewelry for men. What’s more, after you’re done reading this article, click here to shop for cuban link chains online

Despite jewelry being considered an accessory that is specific to females, we live in a society now where this outdated mindset is more or less phased out. Feel free to explore! Experimenting with jewelry is a great way to break the boundaries of just simply a top, bottoms, and shoes. No matter the combination, your outfit may tend to feel plain and boring as time passes. So why not transform your outfits with some fresh jewelry?

Jewelry is a status symbol and can signify wealth, which explains why big rappers tend to splurge hundreds of thousands on pendants. It sets you apart from the rest and gives you class, earning the respect of others. It also gives your style some personality that shines true to your identity.


If you have no idea where to start when it comes to accessorizing, rings are your best friend. It’s a great way to start off because rings can add to the minute details of your look without overdoing it. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, bars and restaurants are opening up, and word has it that people love a bold statement nowadays. After being cooped at home amidst the pandemic, the trend now leans towards big and bulky pieces that are perfect for getting all the attention. Rings with a single gem that has higher carats are an option. If you want to wear a few rings, you can look at pinky or thumb rings.

Watches & Bracelets

Pairing rings with other jewelry like bracelets or even a watch can help to finish off the look. If you’re going to bare your ears and neck, you have a wider variety of bracelet styles to choose from. Make sure your bracelets match your necklace chains if you do wear one – for instance, chained bracelets with links should be matched with a chain necklace. You can also opt for watches if you want an icy look with added practicality. It can also be chunkier than a bracelet, giving off a bold look.


Chain necklaces can act as a central piece that you can work around when it comes to piecing your outfit together. Consider whether the chain you pick will go well with your outfit. If you want to stand out, solid colors work way better than patterns. Black or white t-shirts are perfect for a clean look paired with a gold chain. If you want a truly unique chain, consider the size of your chain and the color choices you can go for. Try to experiment with combinations with the chain links and colors that are not your typical 18k gold chain. You can even try out layering with different chain lengths such as a longer chain paired with a choker.


Jewelry is great for creative expression, and pendants can help you achieve just that. When it comes to choosing one, ensure your chain has a width that is compatible with the pendant that you’re looking for. Typically, a pendant chain is 3mm to 5mm in width. Cross pendants and ankh pendants are popular symbols of faith and can be pulled off with style when paired with an icy chain. Another option to explore is custom-made pendants. You can get it for yourself, or even for your loved ones if you want to express your affection for them. Some ideas for custom pieces are getting their names engraved on the pendant, as a nameplate, or even getting a photo-plated pendant with their picture on it. You can look at these ideas when gifting a pendant to someone, or get it for yourself. No harm in that! Besides, personalized jewelry is best for flaunting your true character. Embrace the opportunity to showcase your individuality with a pendant from Jewlr, turning every piece into a personal and cherished masterpiece.


Earrings are special because only those with piercings can use them. But that couple of moments where you get pierced is worth exchanging for a tough look that is fit for a champ. Earrings for men have risen in popularity as more men are getting more adventurous with their forms of self-expression and being more comfortable in their own skin. When you put on a pair of earrings, you are telling the world that you can be yourself relentlessly, regardless of criticism. You are unafraid to be true to who you are, and the simple act of putting on earrings is proof of that. For a simple outfit boost, earring studs made out of sterling silver are a fail-proof choice. You can wear them to sleep, so if you’re planning on sticking to these and will not swap them out anytime soon, sterling silver studs are the way to go. But if these are too safe for you, you can always try dangling ones that make for a great conversation starter.


Jewelry can be empowering, regardless of your gender. Eradicating stereotypes that jewelry is strictly for women by having autonomy over your appearance can be the most liberating thing a man can do for himself. If you’re a newbie to jewelry, don’t fret and start with baby steps and advance from rings to other pieces. Express your individuality, and have fun with your jewelry pieces! The most important thing is that your comfort is ensured and that your character is displayed through your choice of jewelry.