Money Saving Tips For Moving To Australia

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If you’re hoping to make your pound go a little further when you pitch up at your new Australian address, we’ve a Money Saving Tips For Moving To Australia for you, courtesy of Seven Seas Worldwide and our two decades’-worth of experience, shipping personal belongings to and from Australia.

Perhaps the first issue to bring up is the subject of property. If you can buy a property that, as they say, ‘needs a bit of work’ and knock the seller down on the asking price, you could find yourself with a desirable investment – particularly if you’re lucky enough to find the property in an up-and-coming area or one going through extensive regeneration. You’ll know which areas are undergoing regeneration – there will be a lot of bright colours, straight edges and hipsters in red jeans wearing non-prescription glasses.

If you’re trying to locate a reasonably priced property, remember to talk to your chosen bank in Oz: There are four big banks – Commonwealth, National Australia, Westpac and Australia & New Zealand Banking Group. It should be one of these from whom you obtain a mortgage, so speak to their advisers about house prices and house-buying in general in Australia.

If you find you have packed a fair amount of household items and furniture for the move, it may be in your best interests to ditch some of it. Sorry we meant ‘donate/sell’ some of it. It’s understandable that you would want to take items of sentimental value but if you can replace an item in Australia with something similar – such as a bed, sofa, wardrobe, etc. – take that option. It will cost less and you won’t have to worry about transportation. Trust us, it’s going to feel very rewarding travelling to your new address with a lighter shipment and a healthier bank account.

A lot of people move to Australia for work purposes with a view to returning to the UK and if you’re in a situation whereby you still have premises back in the home country, you might want to think about renting it out while you’re in Oz. However, if you’ve moved to Australia to make a clean break, a number of local governments have schemes in place to assist you financially should this be a requirement.

And here’s a tip straight from a customer of Seven Seas Worldwide who moved to Australia last year; it might be worth getting your hands on a prepaid money card in Australia. It’s not quite a credit card, it’s not quite cash; it’s somewhere in the middle. And it can be preloaded with different currencies so you don’t have to worry about currency conversion rates.

For more money-saving advice and general guidance to moving to Australia, don’t forget to visit the Seven Seas Worldwide website. We’ve been in the moving business a while now and we know what it takes to make a success of your adventure abroad.

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