More And More Aussies Are Getting Botox — Here’s Why

More And More Aussies Are Getting Botox

More and more Australians are taking part in minimally invasive cosmetic facial procedures like Botox and fillers, and has this been a particular trend over the past year. With Botox being a fantastic way to rejuvenate the face by enhancing features while banishing fine lines and wrinkles, there are a number of reasons why someone might want to make an appointment. However, the reasons behind the recent surge in uptake are rather baffling.

A Digital Revelation

Perhaps one of the main reasons why so many Aussies have been turning to Botox over the past year is due to the major increase in people working from home, and the online requirements that come along with it. Online meetings, such as those conducted through video platforms like Zoom, have led to many people realising that their faces play a pivotal role in workplace communication, as they can now see themselves on the computer screen. In turn, this has led to a rising number of people wanting to change their appearance ever so slightly based on what they and others see on the screen — and it’s not just women who are making the appointments.

Aussie Men and Botox

While a spike in those wanting to get Botox has been seen particularly over the past year, it’s not all women: more men than ever have been taking part in cosmetic procedures like this as well. When it comes to Aussie men taking part, however, many simply want a touch up due to the toll that their occupations have taken on their skin, in addition to the standard benefits, such as accentuating features and enhancing the masculine look. For instance, those who work in industries like construction and FIFO may be more frequently exposed to sunny conditions, which are known to cause premature signs of skin ageing. For this reason, men have taken to Botox in order to refresh their appearances — all the while challenging the stigma behind men getting beauty treatments.

Important Considerations

If you’re thinking about minimally invasive cosmetic procedures or treatments in order to refresh your looks and boost your confidence, such as Botox for the face, there are a few things worth considering before making an appointment. For example, it’s necessary to know that Botox isn’t the only option available, and Dysport is another worthy option. When considering Botox vs Dysport, it’s important to take into account that while they’re composed of different formulas, they’re still equally as effective, but come with different advantages. Because Dysport is more diluted than Botox, it’s great for covering larger areas, and even is known to work more quickly than Botox. On the other hand, however, Botox is great for smaller areas, making it a timeless option for those who only want a small touch up.

Due to the recent prevalence of working from home and the consequent use of video conferencing, people across the country are taking advantage of minimally invasive cosmetic procedures like Botox. Combined with the number of men breaking down the stigma against masculine use of Botox, there’s no wonder that doctors have seen such a spike in the number of appointments being made.