Mount Gambier South Australia Things to do.

Mount Gambier South Australia Things to do
Let hop on and hop off.

Mount Gambier South Australia Things to do.

Craters, lakes, caves, and sinkholes. What more could a person ask for? Well, perhaps a lot but Mount Gambier is definitely the place to be for someone who appreciates the outdoors.

Perfect holiday for families

The city’s natural beauty makes it a perfect place for a family holiday, or leave the kids at home for a romantic getaway to mend your failing marriage. There are plenty of hotels, caravan parks, and Bed and Breakfast cottages throughout so pick one and enjoy a weekend or extended stay.

Mount Gambier is a thriving city in South Australia

Mount Gambier is very much a thriving city that gets more acclaim with each passing day. It has been called “the best city in the heart of the country” but don’t think that just because you’re in the country you’ll have nothing to do. There is mumount gambierch more than crops and livestock here. Visitors will find modern shopping areas, pubs, clubs, cafés, and restaurants that will be plenty to keep you busy.
One of the key sites of this area is Blue Lake that changes from a grayish color to vibrant blue every summer. Most will say that the lake looks its best in March and as a result there has been an influx of tourists in these times. Mount Gambier also attracts many divers because of Engelbrecht Cave that lies beneath the streets of the city. Divers will be required to take a course before going into the underwater cave but it is offered at the visitor info centre.
In addition Mount Gambier offers up some of the best sight-seeing in all of SA. Companies like Bats Bike Hire will not only rent bikes but also drop off and pick up tourism spots around the city. All of this is relatively cheap as well at only $10-20 depending on the length of your trip. Areas of interest include the cave gardens, Umpherston Sinkhole and the Crater Lakes.

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