Exploring Movies in North Sydney


Movies in North Sydney offer a diverse cinematic experience for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re craving the latest Hollywood blockbuster or indie films, North Sydney’s cinemas cater to all tastes. Exploring movies in North Sydney offers a mix of modern and classic venues. The Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace is a must-visit. It combines Art Deco charm with the latest films. North Sydney’s cinemas provide top-notch sound and visuals. Enjoy a unique movie experience in a vibrant setting.


North Sydney

North Sydney is known for its commercial hub, residential areas, and cultural attractions, including theaters, cinemas, restaurants, and parks. It encompasses suburbs and neighborhoods situated north of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, such as Cremorne, Neutral Bay, and Milsons Point, among others.


Movies in North Sydney: Cinemas

North Sydney boasts several prominent cinemas, each offering unique atmospheres and diverse film selections.

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace

Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace is a North Sydney institution, known for its classic charm and eclectic film lineup. It is celebrated for its vintage ambiance and diverse selection of films ranging from cult classics to contemporary hits. It is a favorite among cinephiles

380 Military Rd, Cremorne NSW 2090, Australia

Greenwood Plaza Event Cinemas

Greenwood Plaza Event Cinemas provides a modern movie experience with state-of-the-art facilities and mainstream movie screenings. Offers an array of popular Hollywood releases in North Sydney.

36 Blue St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Dendy Cinemas

Dendy Cinemas, located in the heart of North Sydney, specializes in art-house, independent, and foreign films. It caters to North Sydney’s film connoisseurs enriching the local cinematic landscape.

Ground Level, 27 McLaren St, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Sunset Cinema North Sydney

Outdoor movie theater in North Sydney, located in North Sydney Oval. The Sunset Cinema in North Sydney typically operates during summer months and offers an outdoor cinema experience. As for its exact location, it may vary from year to year. But it’s held in a scenic outdoor setting, often in parks or open spaces within North Sydney.

5 Fig Tree La, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia

Cinema ticket prices in North Sydney

Here are the indicative cinema ticket prices and discount schemes available in North Sydney. Please refer to the individual cinema websites for the latest prices and the most up-to-date offers.

Hoyts Cinemas

  • Standard Ticket: $23
  • Student Ticket: $17
  • Child Ticket: $14
  • Senior Ticket: $16
  • Discounts and Offers:
    • HOYTS Rewards Members: Access to $12 tickets for selected movies.
    • 60+ Members: Movie tickets from $10 for sessions starting before 5 PM.
    • Feel Good Fridays: 2-for-1 tickets for ahm health insurance members on Fridays.
    • HOYTS Jnr. Sessions: $9 standard tickets for selected movies.

For more information, visit Hoyts Cinemas (HOYTS Cinemas)​.

Event Cinemas

  • Standard Ticket: $22
  • Student Ticket: $17
  • Child Ticket: $15
  • Senior Ticket: $15
  • Discounts and Offers:
    • Cinebuzz Members: Discounts on standard and Gold Class tickets.
    • Family Saver: Special rates for families.
    • Senior Discounts: Cheaper tickets for seniors.
    • V-Max Experience: Premium large format screen at higher prices but often with membership discounts.

For more information, visit Event Cinemas (Event Cinemas)

Reading Cinemas

  • Standard Ticket: $14
  • TitanLuxe Ticket: $19
  • Discounts and Offers:
    • Reading Rewards: Points system for frequent moviegoers.
    • Discount Days: Special pricing on select days.
    • Family Passes: Bundled tickets for families at a reduced price.

For more information, visit Reading Cinemas (MuviTimes)

These prices are indicative and can vary based on the movie and session time. Always check the individual cinema’s website for the most accurate and current pricing and offers.


In Conclusion

Movies in North Sydney provide a rich tapestry of cinematic delights, from mainstream hits to niche indie films. Whether you’re looking for entertainment or cultural enrichment, North Sydney’s cinemas offer something for everyone.

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