Moving House Guide: How Far In Advance Should You Plan?

How Far In Advance Should You Plan?

Ultimately, the planning of your move will vary from situation to situation. You may know that you want to move well in advance, a year or more before you actually move, but it depends on a multitude of different variables. For some people, they may only need a couple of weeks to have everything planned, packed, and ready to go, while for others, a move incorporates much more items, subsequently needing more time to get everything ready to move into their new home.

Consider How Far The Move Is

One major consideration you need to make when you are planning your transition is the distance you are moving. If you are moving your home down the road, or even within the same city, your planning won’t have to be as significant as if you were planning a move that is across the country or to another country. If your move is relatively close to where you originally live and are moving from, you will be able to ask the help of friends and family to make your move. You can easily rent out vehicles such as moving trucks and vans to carry your stuff and make the move. Moving across cities and countries will require a much larger time requirement, making it unlikely that people you know will be able to take time out of their lives to help you. In such larger move scenarios, you will need to consider the help of long distance movers.

How Big Is Your Move?

As mentioned, when moving homes, you may be required to use different sized vehicles to facilitate moving everything that you own and are bringing with you. This is highly dependent on the number of your belongings. If you are moving and are bringing a significant amount of things with you, you need to plan this with the right equipment, vehicles, and personnel to assist in your move. With a larger move, you should begin planning well in advance in order to be prepared for any hitches or unforeseen events to your plans. It is ideal that you take this time during your packing and organization to determine what items you absolutely need and want to bring with you. Being able to get rid of unwanted clutter will not only make your move easier but also allow you to have more room in your new home. Have your rental agreements set, ensuring that you have the right tools and equipment for your move. Be sure to coordinate with your landlords, building owners, movers, and anyone else involved to ensure you stay on schedule and everything goes smoothly. The bigger the move, the more that can go wrong, so you want to ensure that you account for everything. 

Professionals Vs DIY Moving

When you are moving, one aspect that you want to consider is if you need professional movers. As discussed, smaller moves are possible to handle on your own, but once you start factoring in large-scale moves with many furnishings and items, you need to be looking at your professional options. It is also not just about the movers themselves, but the equipment they offer that can ensure your furniture, televisions, appliances, and large-scale items are not damaged and properly protected and secured. If you need help getting rid of items as well, compare local removalists with Muval to find significant benefits to having people take care of everything for your minimalism needs. Having professionals be able to handle everything means that you have less to worry about, which is important for those that cannot afford to take time out of their busy schedules to dedicate to planning and preparation. 

The Month Of Your Move

The time of your move also plays a significant role in your planning phases. Certain countries have to deal with different weather and conditions. It may be less busy to move in colder months but cause more trouble or complications. The time of your move may not fully be in your control either, as sales finalize and contracts are completed at certain times. It may be more affordable to move when it is less convenient for you to do so. This should all be accounted for when you are weighing the pros and cons of a timed move to determine when is ideal. With such variables, you want to take the time ahead of schedule to properly plan an off-season move. Even if you move during a busier time of the year, there will be different factors you will need to consider, such as getting the equipment that you need to be booked well in advance in order to ensure that you have them and that moving companies can support those needs.

How Far In Advance Should You Plan?

99% Packed 

When you are moving, consider having everything packed days in advance. This will save you a significant amount of time and allow you to have a move that is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Ideally, you want to have almost everything packed a day or two before your move, leaving only some essentials to get you through to the next day. This ensures that you are not scrambling the morning of your move to get everything organized and packed away, while still maintaining enough items you need out of necessity such as toiletries and bathroom products, certain supplies to eat, and a small number of beddings. The morning of your move, you want to be able to pack everything quickly, and if you have too many unaccounted-for items, you will extend the time it takes for your move to take place.

If you are planning a move, consider all the variables that go into such a transition. The size, time, distance, people, and equipment will all need to be considered and play a factor in your move along with your costs. The earlier you begin planning, even if you don’t start packing until closer to your moving date, the better you will be set up for an easy transition into your new living situation.