Moving to Australia with One Week to Go

Moving to Australia with One Week to Go

Making to move to Australia

You can almost feel the Aussie heat. The big move is within reach. Only a week to go and you’ll be on your way to the airport to start a new chapter. But what should you be doing during this week? Here’s a quick checklist for you. We suggest printing this off and ticking off each instruction with a big marker pen.

• First thing’s first. Got your tickets? You should have your tickets by now.

•Make the necessary arrangements to get you to the airport with plenty of time before departure, we recommend three hours at the least.

• Check your laundry bin. Is there anything in need of a wash before departure?       Make sure all laundry cycles are complete before you set off! At Seven Seas Worldwide we do advise clothes are clean before they are packed for long journeys. Food and dirt in clothes could cause mildew to grow which in turn could have consequences for anything else you’ve packed in the box.

•Labelling is important. Fix labels to the bags and suitcases you’ll be taking with           you to the airport and make them nicely identifiable in case they take an unscheduled detour. Also attach sticky labels to all boxes detailing your name and address – or write directly on the box if you’re sure it will be visible. At Seven Seas Worldwide, we strongly advise putting contact details on everything you send. When it comes to international shipping, guesswork isn’t really something we like to rely on.

•Put one box aside for all essentials including clothes, travel and emigration documents, any medical necessities, and of course, tea and coffee-making facilities. Basically, whatever you need to make you feel human again after a long, arduous journey should be packed inside this box.

•Make all the necessary arrangements for the cut-off dates regarding the electricity, phone line, gas, WiFi and cable TV.

•If you’re sending your personal belongings with Seven Seas Worldwide (and with our revolutionary MoveCube® service, why wouldn’t you?) make sure you contact us to confirm the collection date(s).

•If your home is due to be completely emptied, make sure your fridge is completely emptied too. And perhaps hire a cleaning firm to clean from top to bottom once the place has been suitably vacated.
For more information, check out the hints and tips available on Seven Seas Worldwide’s website ( Alternatively, visit our MoveCube® pages ( and find out what we can do for you with our innovative approach to international removals. We also offer a free and easy-to-use quote engine so why not get a quote now and see how much you could save? (

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