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    Moving To New Zealand – Shipping cars with John Mason

    Moving To New Zealand – Shipping cars with John Mason

    Is your new job taking you to New Zealand? Or are you looking for an adventure? Either way New Zealand is a perfect place to be. It is considered one of the healthiest places to live.

    Moving from one country to another can be stressful with all the planning, documentation, and packing and unpacking. And if you’re bringing your car with you, the process becomes even more complex.

    John Mason International Movers are experienced International Moving specialists that take care of your moving needs, such as cars /other vehicles, pets and household items. You can simply hand over the required documentation and the car to John Mason and unload the burden of moving.

    When moving cars/vehicles to New Zealand there are rules and regulations you need to follow in order to acquire Motor Vehicle Clearance. You may also be required to attend an interview with New Zealand Customs if importing under concession rules.

    Moving To New Zealand – Shipping cars with John Mason

    Documentation needed 

    Original Registration Certificate and / or original de-registration certificate.

    Original purchase invoice.

    Original compliance certificate issued by the manufacturer of the car if applicable.

    Original Passport

    Certificate from the vehicle manufacturer regarding compliance for frontal impact and emission standards

    Entry Certification from approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency

    Your Move Manager at John Mason will assist you through the process.

    The cars will be safely stored under surveillance until the departure. It will be shipped a made to measure wooden frame hand built inside the container to restrict movement of the vehicle during transit. But the household items can be transport in the same container as the vehicle will only take about 50% of the container depending on the vehicle.

    Note: Household effects are not permitted to be shipped in your car as these items cannot be cleared under the Motor Vehicle Clearance.

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