Muscle Soreness In Baseball Players: What Are The Treatments?

Muscle Soreness In Baseball Players

Baseball is one among several sports that push the limits of human muscles. From pitcher and catcher to basemen and fielders, there are a lot of movements and ball throwing involved when playing this game. The muscles in the arms, shoulders and back are primarily affected, but those in the legs, thighs and hips are exposed to pain and soreness as well. 

The immediate alleviation and treatment of muscle soreness in baseball players is important in order for them to be in tip-top condition for their next matches. 

We’ll explore several treatment options for muscle soreness as we proceed.

Cold and Hot Compress Treatment

This treatment method can be the easiest to perform after any baseball game. Alternately applying cold and hot compress on the sore muscles can help alleviate the pain, reduce the swelling and improve the blood flow within the affected area. A cold pack over the sore muscle will help numb out the nerves and stop the inflammation of the muscles, which gives you the sensation of a lessening pain intensity. Applying a hot pack helps to reduce the swelling and improve the blood circulation in the tense and sore muscles for faster recovery.

Essential Oils and Topical Creams

Before you go and pop over-the-counter pain reliever pills and tablets, you might want to consider natural options for treating your sore muscles. Nature has bestowed us a lot of natural remedies when it comes to pain relief. Chief among them are essential oils derived from eucalyptus, peppermint and lavender. According to an interesting content in, CBD oil, wax dabs and cream are great all-natural products that are effective for relieving different types of pain, ranging from muscle soreness to chronic pains due to medical conditions. For muscle pain relief, CBD products are best applied topical or on the skin where the affected muscles are found. CBD can be easily absorbed through the tissues and cells, and will reach the available cannabinoid receptors in the sore muscle. This can help relieve the inflammation and relax the muscles in the sore body part.

Rest and Immobilization

Limiting the use of the sore arm or restricting its movement can help your body recover naturally. Sometimes, muscle pain is our body’s way of telling us to give ourselves time to rest and recover. Immobilizing your arm doesn’t need to be long and restricting, you can do the immobilization intermittently and allow some light activity done by the affected muscle or near the sore muscle. The important thing is to avoid heavy lifting and muscle-straining activities for the meantime while you allow your body to naturally heal itself.

Over-the-Counter Pain Medications

OTC painkillers should ideally be considered as a last resort if all other attempts at natural pain relief have failed. It could be that the extent of the muscle strain or damage may have been larger than you initially assessed, which is why you need to make an internal approach through medicine. Ibuprofen is the popular painkiller choice due to its effectiveness in inhibiting the production of prostaglandins – hormone-like substances that cause pain. Care should be taken in taking this medicine as it can cause stomach discomfort, bleeding and increase the risk of heart attacks if you have pre-existing medical conditions. A safe way to go about it is to consult your doctor on the best OTC painkiller that suits your pain relief needs best.

Muscle Soreness In Baseball Players

Muscle pain and soreness treatment is important in baseball and other major sports. Actually, in any activity requiring regular muscle exertion, there is a need to immediate muscle pain relief in order to effectively perform such activity. Explore your natural pain relief options first before proceeding to take medications. Natural remedies are safe and do not expose your body to complications. If you do need to take painkiller medicines, be sure to make a wise and informed choice. The goal here is to get yourself back in shape for another game.