Must Visit Attractions in Darwin

Must Visit Attractions in Darwin

When it comes to spending holidays in Australia, the opera house and Great barrier reef come in mid, but Darwin is also becoming a popular tourist destination to adore its beauty. In Darwin, there are many adventurous things to do and places to visit which makes peoples’ tour joyful.

There many places to visit in Darwin, we have listed below the must-see attractions of Darwin. Having a look at them can make your trip to Darwin even joyful.

Kakadu National Park:

Kakadu National is the largest national park in Australia with its 20, 000 square kilometers. This national park is also listed as a World Heritage for its natural features. This national park boasts different landforms, wildlife and habitat. This park is home to more than 68 mammal species, 120 reptile species, different kinds of frogs, more than 300 tidal and freshwater species and almost 10,000 species of insects.

This park also has 2000 different types of plants species, making it a great place to visit.

George Brown Botanic Gardens:

The George brown botanic gardens cover more than 103 acres of land and are home to thousands of flowers. You will find most tropical plants in this garden. This garden is well renowned all over the globe. Many botany students from all over the country make research visits here. It is a 130 years old garden and was developed for studying a different kind of plants.

If you have got some interest in gardening, then visiting this place will be a great opportunity to get new ideas. It is an ideal place for botanists, as they get a chance to know more about different plants.

Aviation Heritage Centre:

When it comes to the best museums in Australia, Australian Aviation Centre is on top. Here you will see a jaw-dropping collection of air-crafts, the stories of the aircraft are stated making it even greater. The best thing you will see here is the huge b-52 bomber, which is one of two public displays of this aircraft in Australia. The other one is in America.

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There are many activities here such as visiting Crocosauaras Cove where you can interact with crocodiles in a safe environment. You are put in a cage and is submerged in a tank with the crocodiles. The crocodiles are fed right alongside you. You can also be given chance to handle baby crocodile.

Mindil Beach Sunset Markets:

If you will stay at Darwin, you must visit the Mindil Beach Sunset Market, which is held every Sunday and Thursday. Here you can get a chance to meet with locals and enjoying traditional homemade wares. It is a great opportunity to know more about its culture and traditions.