New Stadium’s A Basket Case


BasketballTHE new $200,000 basketball stadium built at Black Rock Primary School may look like a big shed – because that’s what it is.
Despite spending a small fortune building the poorly ventilated, fire-door absent indoor basketball rink, the school building actually only has 10a planning permission as a “non-habitable building being a private garage, carport, shed or the like” and now the question-dodging school principal is being quizzed as to why children were made to play in there, despite searing temperatures and complaints of feeling dizzy.
School council member Mandy Grogan says the school is in breach of the law and has put the safety of children at risk by using the stadium for sports lessons. It still sounds a damn sight more appealing than wearing a vest and shorts in the middle of a British winter and being made to do cross country running.
“Why did the principal of the school knowingly allow the building to be used by the students for sports and performances when it did not comply with building regulations for that use?” Ms Grogan, who is a lawyer, said in a letter to the Education Department regional director.
“In my opinion, her actions were not only in breach of the law but also put the safety of the children at the school at risk. This is totally unacceptable.”