3 Top Spots to Take Photos in and Around Sydney

photo spots in sydney

When you do a quick search of #Sydney on Instagram, you will be faced with as many as 23 million results within seconds. With Sydney being one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, it is no surprise that it is also one of the most photographed, and with very good reason. The country’s biggest city is home to world-famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge which are among the most Instagrammable sites in the world.  Add the city’s glorious beaches, impressive architecture, interesting people, and astounding natural beauty to the mix and you are faced with more delightful photo opportunities than you could ever have imagined. If you prefer to steer clear of the often crowded tourist hotspots there are also a number of more obscure gems just waiting to be discovered within the city.

Camperdown Cemetery

If you are looking for a spot to take a unique set of photographs at, look no further than the secret and sacred Camperdown Cemetery in Newtown, Sydney. The historic burial ground dates back to 1848 and is home to antiquated tombstones, menacing trees, and a tangible eeriness.  While the photos you take at Camperdown may not receive the same number of social media ‘Likes’ as Bondi Beach might, you will undoubtedly be left with a set of very impressive, albeit somewhat haunting, prints.  You will, for example, be able to create beautiful wall art by combining your best shots of the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church and surrounding graveyard into striking photo collages that you can frame and put on display.

Angel Place

In downtown Sydney, you will find a tiny lane aptly named ‘Angel Place’.  The lane is, in fact, so small that you can end up missing it completely if you don’t know where to look.  The biggest drawcard of Angel Place is without a doubt the hanging bird cages perched high above the street. ‘Forgotten Songs’ was originally a temporary art installation that was recommissioned in 2012 to become a permanent fixture in the city. As you stand beneath the cages you will hear the recorded songs of up to fifty bids that vary during the course of both day and night. Apart from making for an astounding auditory experience, the cages also look exquisite on photographs, especially when shot from a low angle.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and take some photos in a calmer, greener setting, head on over to Wendy’s Secret Garden off Lavender Street in North Sydney.  The enormous garden, which was cultivated by a single person, offers majestical views of Sydney Harbour and other parts of the city. The lush green lawns and plentiful flowerbeds are also strewn with interesting artifacts that are begging to be photographed.  Some of the hidden treasures you may want to feature in your photos include a birdbath and cherubs, a child’s scooter and tricycle, an old wash basin, a railway switch leer, a pair of embracing lovers, and a gorgeous yet ancient wheelbarrow.

Sydney is without a doubt a photographer’s dream. Between all the tourist attractions and hidden gems, you are bound to find countless subjects just waiting to be immortalized in a photo forever.