5 of the Best Places to Stay in Sydney

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Finding the best neighborhood in Sydney during your corporate or holiday accommodation can be one of the most time-consuming parts of moving to Australia. There are a lot of factors you should consider, such as safety, accessibility, and budget. That is why it’s essential to do thorough research before fully committing to your decision. 

Australia might be a beautiful country, but it’s still important to know which place suits your lifestyle, even for a temporary stay. Hence, we featured five of the best neighborhoods to stay in Sydney so you can easily find the place that you would like and afford.

CBD in Sydney

The CBD or Central Business District is an area with business and office spaces encompassed by shops, bars, and efficient transportation. It is loaded with activities, spots to visit, and things to see. It is a perfect place where you have fun just by taking a walk.

The city’s underground railroad makes it easy to get around the area. The place is also dense with shopping centers, eateries, cafes, attractions, and tourist spots. The Sydney CBD is the heart of Sydney’s tourism and commercial spaces. 

This zone is home to government workplaces, worldwide organizations, and is considered a shopping region. Key attractions such as the Stones, Quay, Chinatown, and the Sydney Opera House can be found in this area. If you want to stay in a place with lots of things to see, then CBD might be the best option for you.

The Rocks

If you’re into history, then living in The Rocks might be the best choice for you. And it’s also nearby all the activities of the Opera House, Harbor Extension and CBD. Beautiful and historic Sydney buildings can be found all over the area, which makes The Rocks an excellent choice, especially when you are on a short-term stay.

It is situated in the center of The Stones and is considerably near to a lot of Sydney’s legacy structures, best end of the week markets, and boutique shops. The Rocks have quite a lot of places you can explore.

Darling Harbour

Originally called Long Cove, Darling Harbour is a city just adjacent to Sydney’s city center. It is an area filled with attractions where you can deeply immerse yourself with activities both on land and water.

If you’re visiting Sydney to look for a place where you can take mesmerizing pictures, try delicious food, do fun activities, or look at ships, Darling Harbour would be a good choice. It is a calm, family-accommodating area in Sydney.

The Pyrmont Bridge is one of the world’s oldest enduring electrical swing bridges. The present swing span opened in 1902 and made up the first Pyrmont Extension, which started operating in 1857. The swing bridge permits access for vessels that are too big to fit under the extension.

Darling Harbour also has plenty of galleries, theaters, the famous Sydney Zoo, and the Ocean Life Sydney Aquarium. It’s full of educational activities for the entire family to enjoy. 

Darling Harbour is an ideal place to remain in Sydney if you didn’t bring a vehicle with you. The  area is teeming with almost everything an individual can ever need. If you enjoy exploring new places, Darling Harbour also offers tours that give you sights and experiences you’ve never had before.

Central Station

Central Station is a fantastic example of how maintainability engineering and an all-around urban town can recreate a neighborhood. From the highest quality food to modern exhibitions to theater, Central Station is vibrant with life and culture. If you enjoy shopping, this is probably the best area to stay in Sydney as it is known for its avenues that are abundant with shops.

The region’s provincial legacy is evident at the old Kent Road, which has been changed into the urban town that it is today. The reconsidered complex is known as the Central Park, which incorporates the reestablished houses in Kensington Road.

Surry Hills

A village bursting with creativity and stylish establishments, Surry Hills has turned into Sydney’s fashion and cafe scene. This place is well-known for its fine dining restaurants, excellent markets, beauty products, and fashion boutiques. If you’re the type who enjoys a good drink, Surry Hills also has a diverse bar scene that can match your every mood. 

In the mornings, a quick stroll down Bourke Street will lead you to the legendary bakery, the Bourke Street Bakery. It’s one of the best Sydney has to offer, with fresh baked goods that are beloved by the locals, both old and young. Their bread is homemade, and the tarts,  pies, and pastries are glorious. 

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