Adult Jobs, Escort Jobs and Masseuse in Christchurch, Dunedin, and Nelson.

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Adult Work South Island New Zealand

Escort Jobs in Christchurch

First and foremost, you must remember that being an escort is not limited to females who have been victimized or who are substance addicts. Many well-paid and optimistic people work as escorts for a variety of purposes. Being nice and friendly is a skill that you must possess. Be gregarious and speak to them when necessary. Let the whole experience seem normal to them, and they can appreciate it. Apply for Escort jobs in Christchurch.

Is Escorting a Good Fit for You?

Is escorting right for you or not? There could be thousands of other concerns running through your mind about escorting. Well, you realize you need to earn a lot of money. And you also realize that being an escort is an easy way to do so in a short amount of time. Yes, money is appealing and can be a powerful motivator, just don’t get carried away. You should not push your body or yourself to the limit.

The Most of Our Clients Are Gentlemen

Have fun and stay in a good mood, if you are feeling exhausted then you need to calm down. Some Men are callous is other respects too since the sex business thrives on their demand. Most of them would be well-dressed, well-groomed gentlemen. They will treat you well and have a pleasant conversation with you. When you meet anyone interesting, you may be surprised by how quickly you forget about your career and focus solely on the talk.

Sex Is a Fundamental Human Desire

Sex is a simple human desire that we all want to experience at some point of our lives, even those of us who are disabled. We all have the right to seek out and have sexual intercourse with consenting adults. Including sex workers, particularly if our physical, emotional, or intellectual conditions make this difficult to do. And by other social avenues such as dating or meeting in work situations. Apply for Escort jobs in Christchurch.

Adult jobs, escort jobs and masseuse in Christchurch, Dunedin, and Nelson.

Adult jobs, masseuse and escort jobs in the South Island of New Zealand are available in some of its beautiful cities like Christ Church, Dunedin and Nelson.
If you are a regular pro then these are some of the most beautiful and easy going places in New Zealand. You can earn big buck and enjoy exploring the glaciers, ancient forest and rivers whenever you have a little time to experience nature.
Tired of Sydney and or Auckland with their busy life styles then head down to the South Island of New Zealand and experience nature and genuine lovely people and a relaxed pace.


Is located on the East coast of the South Island of New Zealand, it is on the Avon river and its flat bottomed punts remind one of Christchurch’s English heritage. The city has had a few earth quakes but not to worry, the buildings that are going up now are much safer than those that were built in the past.

The city has a population of around 370000 people, this can go up dramatically during the high tourist season as the city has a modern International airport. Many tourist heading to ski in Queenstown have to go via Christchurch.

Most New Zealand tours heading south to Dunedin and then on to Milford Sound and the glaciers also have stop overs in Christchurch.

All this adds up to loads of customers and good earning and little down time.


This beautiful historic town has a real Scottish feel about it and also has a strong Moire ties. It is a university town and in the past was a major fishing port closest to the Antarctic.
Hiking and cycling trails crisscross the ancient dramatic landscape of the Otago Peninsula, which is home to colonies of albatross, sea lions and very rare yellow-eyed penguins.
There is a strong demand for Adult sex workers so Escorts and masseurs can expect to be kept busy.


Close to Wellington the capital is known as a art and crafts city with many art galleries, and craft stores. There are caving sites, vineyards and parks. The city was established around 1840

A major tourist destination for both New Zealanders and also international tourist, keeps the place busy.

The quality of your life style would be excellent if you choose to make this iconic city home.
Nelson will keep you bust if you are working as an escort, masseuse or stripper.