Barista Courses in Sydney

Barista courses in Sydney

Barista Courses will equip you with the skills you need to become a professional barista. During the course you will learn about the history and origins of Coffee grind management and dosing, the start-up and break down of a Coffee machine, creating up to 12 different Coffee styles each, perfect the art of texturing milk, tasting and understanding the ranges and strengths of Coffee.

Barista course from The Sydney Coffee Academy

This course lasts up to 6.5 hrs for $295, where you will learn about growing beans and roasting them, coffee extraction process, clean and maintain espresso machine, customer service, coffee menu in a general café. Their Programs range from a three-hour coffee enthusiast programs, nationally accredited programs for industry professionals, café traineeships, and a one-week cafe management program for entrepreneurs. The institute also offers courses in technical espresso machine maintenance and repair programs for baristas and technicians.

Barista and Coffee Art Course at The Coffee School

At the Barista and Coffee Art Course you get to learn how to Prepare and serve Espresso coffee and use hygienic practices for food safety, certificate of attendance immediately following the practical session.

Nationally Recognized Barista Course at The Australian Barista School

If you are serious about getting a job as a barista, then you must do a Nationally Recognized barista course.  The 5-hour barista course for $279 includes 2 hours of coffee art and results in a nationally recognized Statement of Attainment bearing the units of competency, Prepare and serve espresso coffee and use hygienic practices for food safety. They also have a Our 3-hour barista course that teaches you how to use a coffee machine from scratch. with no prior experience where you will learn about how to make espresso, make all of the coffees that you would find in a café and clean and maintain the coffee machine.