Best Backpacker Pubs in Sydney for Girls

Backpacker Pubs in Sydney for Girls

Palace Hotel Sydney good food and live sport

Welcome to the Palace Hotel Sydney

Featuring a traditional bistro serving up delicious pub food including premium meats, an Australian sports bar with TAB facilities and plenty TV screens to catch all the live sporting action, a garden bar, 18 beers on tap as well as a selection of bottled beer, wine, spirits & cocktails, plus function facilities, the Palace Hotel Sydney CBD is conveniently located in the heart of Haymarket, right next to the Light Rail & Capitol Theatre.


You probably already know about this one. A moderately-sized bar that becomes a club during the night, happy hour drinks are very cheap and the bartenders really love their job or at least they act as they do. Good DJ, decent-sized dance floor. Best to go there on Mondays for Crab Racing


While you are going bar hopping, go to Sidebar once you are done with Scubar! With the entrance attached right next to the highest-rated hostel in Sydney it is easy to access and a great place to get a drink. Busy on most days, the bartenders are nice, the drinks are reasonably priced, and the dance floor is big enough! During Happy Hour the drinks are cheap and very “effective”

Cargo Bar

Located in Darling Harbour, getting to Cargo Bar is a little bit of the walk if you are coming from Central, but totally worth it. They have a HUGE dance floor, pretty nice tasting drinks, and plenty of seats outside to relax in if you’re not feeling like gettin’ your dance on that night.

Ivy Bar

One of the fancier bars on this list, and also one of the most popular in Sydney. Part restaurant, part rooftop bar, and part club; there is a little something for everyone. This even includes the more frugal night-goers: be sure to catch the multi-hour Happy Hour specials.

Helm Bar

Located two minutes walk from Cargo Bar (you will most likely pass it on the way to Cargo Bar) lies the Helm. A bit on the pricey side, but you’re paying for the experience. The music is very good and quite loud, there are loads of attractive people there, and the bar itself is really slick.  As they say, you get what you pay for.

World Bar

Loud music, great dancefloor, and cocktails served in teapots. What else could anyone want? Located in Kings Cross, even the infamous Lockout Laws haven’t stopped this institution of a bar; that’s proof of how great this place is, enough said! Go see for yourself!

Coogee Bay Hotel

Feel like going out for a night on the town? This is Australia; spend your night on the beach instead! Coogee Bay Hotel is located right next to Coogee beach and is well-stocked for a good time. Don’t believe me? It sells the most beer of any bar in the whole of Australia!

Girls who love backpacking deserve nothing less than pubs and bars that are specifically designed to cater to their adventurous spirits. Check out this amazing list of female-friendly pubs in Sydney. Now you’ll know exactly where to go for a fun night out with your girls. Cheers to that.

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