Best Bars In Sydney You Have To Visit This Winter

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Exploring the best winter bars in Sydney has to be a good idea, right? Right! Not everything about winter needs to be cold and boring.  If meeting up with friends is putting you off owing to the weather, it doesn’t have to be that way. Read on for the best bars in Sydney that will provide a comfortable and cozy environment and some tasty treats to liven up a cold evening.

The Wild Rover

Situated right at the end of Surry Hills is where guests will find the Wild Rover pub. Founded by James Bradey and Warren Burn, the establishment is the second venture for this dynamic  duo. Intending to ‘raise the spirits’ as it were of the local the bar scene, the pub offers quite a broad Irish whiskey menu. The pub’s quirky atmosphere of flasks used as water pitchers will have guests feeling right at home. The high ceilings along with the simple furniture placements and the soft lighting create just the mood for a warm drink on a cold evening. The cocktail menu at the Rover is an interesting mix between house originals, those with a twist and classics. However, the team behind the bar have been thoughtful enough to grade each cocktail in categories accordingly – heavy, light and medium. In terms of food and drink pairing, the bar offers some mouth-watering dishes including the Kilpatrick Bloody Mary served up with a lamb sausage roll.
Address: 75 Campbell Street, Surry Hills

The Lobo Plantation

There’s quite a bit of history behind The Lobo Plantation pub down Clarence Street and no it didn’t begin in Sydney. The bar is named after the infamous ‘Sugar King’ who once lived in Havana. Julio Lobo was considered the most influential sugar baron in his day until his exile in the 1960s. The Lobo Plantation rum bar picks up where the legend left off and by its appearance it lives up to the image of its idol. The entrance to the bar is through a twisted staircase and once inside it’s much bigger than one would expect. With dark shades of green and red paint across the walls , the furniture with floral print work together to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The bar members are friendly and in no –time a newbie will be considered as a regular. The ‘Million Dollar No. 9’ cocktail comes highly recommended and this fruity indulgence is served with a fruit rollup as well. As for the food — the empanadas are a must as well as the polenta tamale  that is served in a corn husk.
Address: 209 Clarence Street, Sydney

The Temperance Society

Summer Hill residents seem to have it all these days. With the areas quaint cafes and family parks, barber shop, tennis courts and now a new addition – a small but impressive bar.  The Temperance Society bar stretches across two floors and once inside it might appear like Anchorman Ron Burgundy’s pad. The upper floor is where the rich smell of mahogany emanates from the furniture alongside its collection of leather bound books and chic comfy couches. On the first floor is where guests can unwind at the bar or at the small courtyard that has been carefully lit up. From Lager to Ales and cocktails the menu is quite diverse. To accompany the spirits, guests will find nibbles that are more than generous in portions; you might want to cancel dinner orders in advance.
Address: 122 Smith Street, Summer Hill
Words courtesy of Lanelle Hills

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