Driving From Sydney to Adelaide Places to See

Driving From Sydney to Adelaide Places to See

Driving From Sydney to Adelaide Places to See!!!

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Anyone who tells you that the capital of South Australia is boring obviously hasn’t visited recently; these days, Adelaide boasts a cultural calendar and a food and drink scene that rival anywhere else in the country. The small bars are everywhere, the restaurants are cutting-edge, the events are plentiful, the museums are eye-opening, the beaches are gorgeous and the wine regions that surround the city are mouth-watering.

Plus, Adelaide is the gateway to the rest of the state, a place where you can road trip through ancient outback terrain, dive with great white sharks, witness the natural wonderland of Kangaroo Island and sample some of the best bottles of vino produced anywhere in Australia.

As for Sydney, the appeal is obvious: Beaches like Bondi and architectural landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge are among the biggest tourist drawcards in the country.

On the Bus

If you leave booking until the last minute when the price of a flight is out of reach, then the bus is your best budget alternative. Firefly Express departs Sydney’s Central Station for Melbourne every day at 7.00pm, arriving in Melbourne at 6.35am, then operates another service to Adelaide at 7.30am that gets to the South Australian capital at 6.50pm. The whole journey takes 24 hours and sets you back. Sure, it’s a long haul, but it’s the option that’s kindest to your bank balance.

Tackle an Epic Train Journey

The train from Sydney to Adelaide isn’t cheap, but it is one of the country’s great railway journeys. Forming a part of the legendary Indian Pacific route that links the east and west coasts of Australia, the train takes two days to charge through some of the country’s most impressive outback scenery, stopping at the remote mining town of Broken Hill along the way. You’ll need to set aside at least, or as much as during high season, for this transcontinental rail adventure, which is a favourite option for older travellers? 

Plan a Road Trip

The more affordable way to take in all that scenic outback terrain is from behind the wheel of your car, which only costs a couple of hundred bucks in petrol, plus a night in a motel. The most historic journey is via Broken Hill a true jewel in New South Wales that’s 13 hours west of Sydney, then another six to Adelaide but the quickest route is via Wagga Wagga in the south of the state, chopping the trip down to about 14 and a half hours. 

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