Farm Jobs in Sydney for Working Holiday Visa

Farm Jobs in Sydney for Working Holiday Visa

Harvest Work Farm Jobs in Sydney for Working Holiday Visa

This may involve working with grain crops, cotton, and all kinds of fruit and vegetables. Work in this sector includes tractor-driving, header-driving, chaser-driving bins and actual food harvesting. You can even get jobs to prepare food for the workers! This is probably the most popular job and this is probably because the only real requirement is that you’re fit enough to do the job! Watch out; work can be tough and tiring.

Fruit Picking Farm Jobs in Sydney

The main crops are Citrus, Vegetables, Grape and Picking, Stone Fruit.  A wide range of fruit and vegetables are produced, as well as significant quantities of wool, grain and stock. A large tourism industry based on the history present around the city, with the centrepiece being an interesting attraction around the farm.

Harvest Trail Farm Jobs in Sydney

Following the “Harvest Trail” to find farm jobs can be a great adventure for you, as a couple or with a group of friends. It could be whatever you want it to be; from a short drive near your home base or a long journey that could take a year to travel and work right around Australia. You can expect to work up to six days a week during peak harvest periods, and there is no doubt that sometimes it can be hard back-breaking work.

Finding a Farm Job in Sydney for Working Holiday Visa

There are many ways to find farm work, and if some preparation is done, it will be found very quickly. Knowing a few tricks can help you get a job, as the opportunity is very popular with backpackers. Search on job websites, Facebook, recommendations, or even just drive to farm work in the region.  Working on a farm in remote Australia will give you a chance to spend another year in Australia and help save money for the rest of your journey.

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