Festivals and Attractions in Sydney October 2019

Christmas & New Year The Palace Hotel Sydney

Crows Nest Festival

Event: 20/10/2019

Many varieties of succulent & cacti at the festival. These days most of us live very busy lives, work long hours, live in units and have little time for a large garden. The answer to this is Mini Gardens!

Mini Garden Creations are home to the cupcake succulents. The best thing about succulents and cacti is that they do not need much watering; in fact, it is best to let them dry completely out before rewatering. If you live in a unit or just want a little greenery inside without the hustle and bustle of major garden renovations, then a small potted succulent is the way to go. They can sit on a sill, in the bathroom, basically any room that has filtered light.

Halloscream VII – Hell on the Harbour

Event: Friday 25th & Saturday 26th October

Sydney’s biggest Halloween event is back! Halloscream VII will take you on the hell ride of your life over five terrifying nights at Sydney’s iconic Luna Park: After dark, Luna Park Sydney transforms into a Harbour from Hell! The Gateway to Hell will be opened and the Underworld’s lost souls, demons and most hellishly freaky characters will be released.

Event: Thursday 31st October – Saturday 2nd November


A passion for the past? Then head for Sydney’s museums, which are among the city’s most popular attractions, showcasing everything from dinosaur skeletons to cultural artifacts. Step back into the past as you explore Sydney’s fascinating history. Need to be refreshed visit the Palace Hotel Sydney for a delicious Lunch

Art Galleries

Discover cutting edge contemporary exhibitions at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), to the much-anticipated exhibitions at the Art gallery of NSW. Or visit groundbreaking, yet accessible and thought-provoking works at a number of independent galleries around Sydney.

Sydney Markets

Visit colorful inner-city neighborhoods, such as Glebe, Balmain and Redfern, to visit the Bat and Ball Hotel for a delicious lunch and then explore the vibrant weekend markets. Sydney markets offer a broad range of goods, from local arts, crafts, and souvenirs to beautiful produce.