How to Find Farm Jobs in New South Wales Australia

How to Find Farm Jobs in New South Wales Australia

Farm work can be a great way to earn some experience, cash, and learn about the cultures of regional Australia. You will also get a chance to enjoy the unique outdoors of Australia while traveling. Farm work in Australia can also be physically demanding. You should make sure your employer pays you the minimum wage for your work and you also find suitable accommodation.

How Would You Get the Job?

Almost all farm jobs will be located in rural areas. The work is seasonal and there is high competition for it due to the limited number of jobs on offer. Many backpackers will use this option to extend there working holiday visa.

Top Ways to Get Farm Jobs

Following the Harvest Trail

This is a great way to find a farm job. Many people follow this path and end up competing for the same job. You should plan beforehand where you want to be placed and where the jobs are going to be.

Hostel Notice Boards

Hostel noticeboards and working hostels provide you with a wealth of information and knowledge. You can drop by to be informed of such jobs.


Aussie websites can also be a great source to find farming jobs in New South Wales.

Usually, food and accommodation will be your responsibility but there are some unique locations where they may offer such facilities with a significant amount of quality. Knowing how long you need to work and what a typical day would look like can also be really important.

Best Time to Work

You will find work here all around the year.

Region and Crop

  • Coffs Harbour – Bananas
  • Bathurst (November to April) – cotton, asparagus, and orchard fruit
  • Griffith (February to March) – grapes

Visitor Information

With the spectacular capital city of Sydney and thriving coastal cities of Newcastle and Wollongong, New South Wales is an awesome place to visit and live. You have friendly towns like Bathurst, Dubbo, and Griffith to experience wide open spaces and go to the Southern Highlands to get a real bush experience.

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