Healthcare Jobs In Sydney Immediate Start

Healthcare Jobs In Sydney Immediate Start


The demand for healthcare jobs is on the increase due to a rapidly ageing population.  This demand will lead to recruitment of healthcare positions especially in aged care, nursing, and physiotherapy, as well as in other healthcare sectors in the coming decades.

Types of healthcare positions available in Sydney

Presently, the following healthcare jobs are available in Sydney for short term locum assignments, contracts and permanent positions;

  • Radiographers
  • Sonographers
  • Radiation Therapists
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologists
  • Echo-cardiographers
  • Cardiac Physiologists
  • Radiologists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Speech Therapists
  • Podiatrists
  • Community Care Workers

Job Agencies

  • Global Health Source of YNA Group

Global Health Source, which is a part of the YNA group, is an established allied health recruitment consultancy that places healthcare persons in locum and long term positions.  Global Health Source of the YNA Group provides jobs to qualified healthcare workers in Sydney.

  • Bower Healthcare – Community Division

Bower Healthcare, under its person-centred care approach, provides Personal Care Assistants and Domestic Support Workers to people who are frail, aged or disabled within the home and community environment.

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Employee Benefits:

  • Flexible working hours
  • A variety of work opportunities around Sydney
  • Regular rosters to suit your need for working hours
  • “One off” services plus regular and on-going clients
  • Access to self-rostering and allocation system
  • Competitive hourly rates
  • Weekly pay directly into your bank account
  • No joining fees
  • Constant support from experienced Care Coordinators

Qualifications to work as a health professional

  • Tertiary-level degree, diploma or certificate by a recognized educational institution
  • Proficiency in English
  • One year experience in your professional field
  • Clean record with no current/past disciplinary actions or criminal convictions

Qualifications and experience gained in the UK, Western Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and North America are preferred over others.

Pre-requisite for working as a health professional

For most healthcare professions, it is required for you to register with the relevant regulatory body in your field before being legally entitled to work.  As this process can be lengthy (up to 18 months), it is advisable to look into this matter long before you start looking for the healthcare job.