How to Find Farm Jobs in New South Wales?

Farm Jobs in New South Wales

Farm work in New South Wales can be a great way to earn some cash and experience the culture of regional NSW whilst enjoying the unique beauty of the great outdoors. With spectacular Sydney as its capital and thriving coastal cities like Wollongong and Newcastle, NSW is full of great places to live and visit. For wide-open spaces, you’ve got friendly rural towns like Griffith, Bathurst, and Dubbo or get a real bush experience in the Southern Highlands.

Farm work in NSW is often also very physically demanding and you need to make sure the employer who you work for is paying minimum wage and that you can also find suitable accommodation. Almost all the jobs are located in rural areas, the work is very seasonal and competition for has increased for a limited number of jobs.

How Much is Paid?

Some landowners and growers will pay you by the hour and $10 an hour is a good rate, but most places will pay you by the quantity of fruit you pick. Not good news for slackers, but great news if you’re prepared to work harder for a greater reward! Meals and accommodation are usually provided so you won’t have to worry about those extra costs, but everywhere differs so check when you apply. You will normally be paid weekly or fortnightly.

Top 3 Ways to Get a Farm Job in NSW

1. Following a harvest, trail can be a good opportunity many people follow, however, that often means that a lot of people end up competing for the same jobs. Ideally, you should make a plan based around where you want to be and where the jobs are going to be. Farm Work is available all year round in New South Wales and these are some of the crops and regions related.

  • Bananas – Coffs Harbour
  • Orchard fruits, cotton, and asparagus – November to April in Bathurst, Dubbo, and Orange
  • Grapes – February to March in Griffith

2. Working hostels and hostel notice boards often provide a wealth of knowledge and you don’t have to be staying there to get the information. So simply drop by.

3. Through online job search engines.

These are some links to get you started.

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