How to get a Carpenters job in Sydney Australia

How to get a Carpenters job in Sydney Australia


The Australian construction industry is booming and this has led to a shortage of carpenters in Sydney. In recent years Australia has become one of the popular locations for backpackers as a 2 year working holiday visa is available to most nationalities together with a great climate and flights from around the world.

Available carpentry jobs

The majority of carpentry work in Sydney is either rough work or finish carpentry. Rough work carpentry relates to all the work that occurs at the beginning of projects while finished carpentry is applying the finishing touches to a job such as fixtures and fittings, cabinets, windows, floors even external features such as pergolas and decking. It is the wood worked features that are visible once the project is completed.

How to get a Carpenters Job

When backpackers arrive in Australia they are unlikely to have the contacts to find a job immediately. A labor hiring company can connect backpackers who are looking for carpentry jobs with companies in Sydney and following a registration/induction with the team they can assign them to a job meeting their skill set.

What you need to have to get a Carpenters Job in Sydney

White Card

To get a job in the construction industry a person should have the white card which shows that the general construction induction with necessary training and assessments have been completed.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

To work safely the relevant Personal Protective Equipment is needed.

Trade Qualification

If you have trade qualifications from another country then you may be able to continue working in that trade in Australia while on a Temporary Visa. Bring a copy of the trade certificate as it is required to show that an overseas apprenticeship was completed.


A carpenter is required to have the right tools for the job.

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