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Lady sings it better talks sydney comedy fest. We caught up with Libby Woods one half of Lady Sings It Better, an Aussie feminist comedy cabaret act who will performing at the up coming Sydney Comedy Festival.

What’s your name and how do you introduce yourself?

We are Lady Sings It Better and we describe ourselves as a feminist comedy cabaret act that take musical liberties with pop, rock and RnB hits in the hope that you might listen to them a little differently! We started out taking on songs written by men to highlight some of the most ridiculous and offensive lyrics in the popular songbook but we have recently discovered the unparalleled joy of the singalong event where favourite artists and albums can be revisited and reinvented, complete with daggy choreography and a truckload of novelty props. So that’s what can be expected this Sydney Comedy Fest!

We want to have a chat about the comedy scene in Australia which has been blowing up the last few years. What do you think makes Australia such a great place for stand-up comedy?
Look, it could just be Australia’s tall poppy syndrome working in a positive way for once, but successful Aussie comedians tend to be masters of both self deprecation and punching upwards and that’s a pretty winning combo.

Each year the comedy and fringe festivals in Australia just keep getting bigger and better. How do you think these stand up against the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (if you’ve attended)?
Edinburgh Fringe is such a huge beast of a festival! For one month, the festival takes over the entire city! So we’re not quite there yet but it’s great to see our festivals getting bigger each year!

We’ve been showcasing Aussie comedy shows for 19 years and we’re super proud to see where the industry has gone. Are there any Aussie comedians or people in the industry who you feel have been major driving forces to this growth? Who and why do you think they’ve made such an impact?

There’s not one particular comedian in mind but it’s great to see comedians like Ronny Chieng and Claudia O’Doherty getting international recognition for their work.

Australia’s also had some major viral comedy talent emerge over the last few years, do you have a favourite? And what is it that you love?
Loving Nina Oyama’s new show, as part of Fresh Blood for the ABC.

Australia has a great grassroots comedy club scene much like the UK and Ireland with a few pubs, bars and places like the Comedy Store that run great shows regularly through the week. Do you have any favourites?
We love Giant Dwarf! It’s one of our favourite Sydney venues to perform in and you can always catch great shows there weekly.

Can you recommend any acts we should try and get out to see at the Sydney Comedy Festival:
Yes! Nina Oyama, Nikki Britton, Guy Montgomery, Joe Lycett, Felicity Ward

And your top 5 local comedians? (can be rising stars or mainstream) Sam Campbell, Hannah Gadsby, Zoe Coombs Marr, Susie Youssef and Jordan Raskopoulos.

And your top 5 international comedians?  (can be rising stars or mainstream)
She’s not a comedian, but Miriam Margolyes is hilarious! We also love UK performance artist Bryony Kimmings, improviser and character performer Pippa Evans, James Acaster, Maria Bamford, Cariad Lloyd (check out her podcast, Griefcast),Daniel Kitson, the list is endless.

For large scale comedy shows which venue do you think is the numero uno for big-name shows? What’s so special?
I love seeing comedy at The Enmore Theatre!

Where would you say is your top venue in the world to gig?
The Spiegeltent is always so beautiful or, of course, The Sydney Opera House.

And what about for discovering or emerging new talent?
Tudor comedy does a great open mic night. Cafe Lounge. What She Said is a night just for woman which is totally up our alley! And if you can’t find them there, youtube!

What’s your favourite comedian’s joke of all time?
Daniel Kitson calling out an audience member for being on their phone, telling them it was “lighting up their face like a beacon of disinteret”

And your favourite one-liner?
“What’s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke timing”
And your worst…
I wouldn’t want to repeat it, save it getting any more airtime than it deserves. But comedy that punches down is never very entertaining

Where can we see you in the near future?
Lady Sings It Better will be performing as part of Sydney Comedy Festival at The Giant Dwarf on April 25 doing two back-to-back shows at 7pm and 8.30pm.

Lady sings it better talks sydney comedy fest.

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