Living and Working in Sydney – 2018


Sydney is one of the most famous cities on the entire planet, so it’s not surprising that so many people want to live and work in here.
When it comes to beauty – Sydney has it by the bucket load. From the sandy shores of Bondi Beach, to the lush tropical plants of the Botanical Gardens, Sydney is a nature lover’s ideal when it comes to choosing a city to live in.
But the mark doesn’t stop at natural beauty. Sydney is also home to two of the most famous architectural landmarks in the world, namely, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge that dominate the Sydney horizon. An urban metropolis pulses through the skyscrapers of Sydney with a cool and unique lifeblood that keeps Sydney interesting and active at all times.
If you’re a registered nurse or healthcare worker looking to strike the perfect balance between healthy urban living alongside work then Sydney is a great port of call. As you may have heard there is a shortage of healthcare workers in Australia meaning you could land yourself in stunning Sydney doing the job you care most about.
Upon arriving in Sydney you’ll probably be stunned by the healthy habits of its residents. The Southern Hemisphere’s answer to LA, from 5am each morning you’ll see the many parks filled with joggers and yogis, as well as people doing tai chi and if you’re anywhere near the beach – you’ll see plenty of surfers and swimmers starting their day off in a healthy way.
The healthy living is also echoed in the many cafes and restaurants serving up all versions of avocado and eggs for breakfast alongside smoothies and some world-class coffee.
Taking advantage of the fantastic weather most of the year-round, nursing in Sydney can mean you can spend your days off lazing on the beach, or exploring the city. What’s more, if you take work as an agency nurse, you can maximise your time exploring Sydney and New South Wales whilst funding your travels through nursing.
Nursing in Sydney and Regional NSW presents the perfect opportunity to explore areas such as the stunning Northern Beaches as well as the Blue Mountains, and by taking agency nurse jobs in Sydney you’ll be able to work and play when it suits you most.
It doesn’t all have to be about exploring the surrounds however, as there’s so much to do and see in Sydney that you’ll be wanting to take advantage of its great nightlife. With world class artists regularly touring, a-list festivals and city wide events such as Vivid Sydney and the Sydney Festival, you can guarantee there’s something to do every single night of the week.
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