Pubs in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction

Pubs in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction

Finding the top pubs in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction is not a simple undertaking, especially when you consider your options. Fortunately, we’ve already done the work for you. All that’s left for you to do is enjoy yourself and take in the setting and the assortment of drinks provided by these beautiful places. Having a beer with your buddies while tasting mouth-watering food is a relaxing and precious experience. Pubs in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction help you enjoy such wonderful times whenever you feel like doing so. 

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the top pubs Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction have to offer to provide you with an incredibly unforgettable experience. In addition to traditional old public houses and live music venues, this list also includes a wide variety of other fun places to spend your evenings and weekends during the next four seasons.

Best Pubs in Bondi Beach and Bondi Junction 

1. Rosenbaum and Fuller

Rosenbaum & Fuller was established to appreciate all that makes Australia unique. Instead of becoming bored with Crocodile Dundee clichés, think about what it means to be an Australian in real life. In other words, we need to embrace Indigenous Australia while still understanding our colonial past. The (so) fresh and (so) clean cocktails being created, shaken, and stirred at this small O’Brien Street charmer are a showcase for Australian spirits and indigenous ingredients, and they’re delicious.


2. The Stuffed Beaver

If you’re looking for a good Bloody Caesar in the Harbour City or even decent poutine, you’ll have to look a little bit deeper. You can have both at the Beaver, and we’ll gladly toast you for doing so.

Address: 271 Bondi Rd, Bondi, NSW 2026, Australia is the address for this location.

3. The Shop

Because they know that getting a seat at the closet-sized bar during rush hour is like winning the jackpot for regulars, this café and wine bar has a devoted following. Their shared passion for food and drink brought them together at The Shop. And now they put that passion into our home-cooked meals.


4. The Corner House

For years, this stylish restaurant-cum-bar has presided over the junction of Denham Street and Bondi Road. And the best part is that it has maintained its reputation as a laid-back destination for wine-fueled escapades. From the outside, this seems to be a restaurant. But go up the stairwell to the first floor, and you’ll find drinks, nibbles, and a wonderful time. Even on a Tuesday night, if not more so.


5. Bondi Beach Public Bar

An orange wine by the glass and a raw, industrial Rick Owens style can only be found in Bondi, at a so-called “public bar.” Let us know if you need anything more. Summertime snacks, bowls, burgers, and Public Bar favorites are available from their open kitchen. If you’re looking for a late-night snack, Papa Roma Pizza is available for delivery to your table starting at 10 p.m.


6. Bondi Hardware

When it came to tackling the “creative share plates and solid drinks in industrial settings” requirement, Hardware was one of the first venues in Bondi to do so. And it has endured the test of time on Hall Street due to doing so well.

The experience of being inebriated at Bondi Hardware is similar to that of getting intoxicated inside an exceedingly exquisite garden shed. In addition to the exposed brick walls around the area, a smattering of potted plants are arranged throughout the space on tables and fastened to walls as well as hanging from the ceiling.


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