St Patrick’s Day Parade Sydney 2025


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St Patrick’s Day Parade Sydney 2025

The World’s biggest excuse for piss-up, St. Patrick’sDay St comes back to Sydney with an epic Parade. Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated days of any patron saint in the world and, with Australia’s huge Irish contingent, the land Down Under is a great place to celebrate the day. So, if you’re Irish and you are used to celebrating the event in a cold, wet and dreary Ireland then you’re really going to love the spectacle of a Paddy’s Day in sunny Australia. It’s no secret that the Irish, like most of us, like a good drink from time to time and on St. Patrick’s Day it’s the law that every Irishman, and anyone who has even the most distant of Irish blood in them, drinks their own bodyweight in Guinness. So the fact that your great, great, great grandfather’s sister’s dog was half Irish means you too are allowed to get full of the black gold.

But of course St Patrick’s Day isn’t all about getting obscenely drunk and singing Danny Boy repeatedly until your mates throw you in a taxi home. There is lots to do in Australia over the period of St. Patrick’s Day, which as you all know is on March 17th. In Sydney, which has a huge number of Irish people, both backpackers and ex-pats, there are loads of Irish pubs offering Irish themed nights, live Irish bands and discount drinks over the week of St. Patrick’s and on Monday, March 17th, a St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take place in the city.

The Sydney St. Patrick’s Day events are renowned for its community and cultural focus. At the heart of The Green Quarter you’ll plenty of stalls showcasing some of the best Irish produce and community lead entertainment by the Irish expat community and friends that will create a warm and vibrant space that caters to every taste bud.

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St Patrick’s Day Parade Sydney 2025

Monday, March 17, 2025
Sydney, Australia

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The Sydney St. Patrick’s Day in partnership with Tourism Ireland is turning the iconic Sydney Opera House green on St Patrick’s Day. This is a welcomed return for the Sydney Opera House having last been lit up in 2024 under this initiative.

Now in its ninth year, Sydney joins a host of other international cities to the take part in the ‘Global Greening’ initiative. The iconic Sydney Opera House will join other Australian sites getting in on the action, including the Big Kangaroo Border Village, Hyde Park Barracks, Sydney Town Hall, The Bell Tower, Council House and Elizabeth Quay in Perth and QPAC in Brisbane.

Among this year’s global landmarks to turn green are the iconic fountains in London’s Trafalgar Square, the Colosseum in Rome, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Sky Tower in Auckland, Niagara Falls and the London Eye.

President of the Sydney St. Patrick’s Day Committee Robert Kineavy said: ‘as the national holiday that is celebrated in more countries around the world than any other, St. Patrick’s Day is the day when everyone wants to be Irish. Renowned as a day that fills our hearts and minds with Irish pride and the streets with all things green, 2025 is shaping up to be another big year for Sydney’.

The Sydney celebration traditionally takes place on a Sunday and this year will be no different with the festivities taking place in the Entertainment Quarter, Moore Park on Monday 17th March. There will be a variety of music on the big stage from 12pm, a children’s parade and play area with bouncing castles and face painting galore, Irish dancers and marching bands displaying the very best in local talent. With lots of amazing food and drink stalls to keep attendees refreshed during the day. Make plans to get there early, grab a great vantage point and enjoy the best celebration in the country.

Some history

It is celebrated on March 17 all over Ireland and everywhere in the world where Irish people or their descendants live. New York City has one of the biggest parades. It is a very Irish festival, and it involves a lot of feasting and celebration, including traditional Irish music, drinking beer, and eating bacon and cabbage. Another tradition of Saint Patrick’s day is that one has to wear green clothing or they will be pinched. Green is the color of Saint Patrick’s day as it is the national color of Ireland. People often wear green on that day or have some type of shamrock on their clothing. It is very normal that they wear a Shamrock, a three leaved plant which is also a symbol for Ireland.

The first St. Patrick’s Day parade in Ireland was held in Waterford in 1903. In the beginning, it was a 3 day long celebration, but now it is a 5-day celebration.

Saint Patrick (about 402 – March 17, probably 491 or 493) is the patron saint of Ireland. [2][3][4]He was born in a village in Roman Britain. Saint Patrick came from a Christian family. He was the son of Calpornius, who was a deacon. According to the autobiographical Confessio of Patrick, when he was about sixteen years old, he was captured by Irish pirates. They took him from his home in Britain and sold him as a slave in Ireland. His work was to take care of animals. He lived there for six years and learned the local language. He then escaped and returned to his family.

After becoming a cleric, he returned to northern and western Ireland as a missionary. Because he knew the language he could preach to the people. He also married couples when the king prohibited it. He brought Christianity to Ireland. He converted many pagans to Christianity. He also challenged many of their leaders and druids such as Aodhan the Brave also known as Chief Aodhan. St.Patrick eventually converted Chief Aodhan and they worked together to convert many other pagans.

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