Sydney to Fraser Island Bus Tours Overland

Sydney to Fraser Island Bus Tours Overland

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Best Sydney to Fraser Island Bus Tours Overland

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Dingoes were once common on Fraser Island, but are now decreasing. The island dingoes are reputedly some of the last remaining ‘pure’ dingoes in Eastern Australia and to prevent cross-breeding, dogs are not allowed on the island. According to DNA-examinations from the year 2004, the island dingoes are “pure”.[102] However, skull measurements from the 1990s detected crossbreeds between dingoes and domestic dogs among the population.[103]

If you plan to head to Fraser Island from Sydney you have a few options. Sydney is about 1,200km south of Fraser Island, meaning you will have to either get there by train, car, bus or plane. You will have to aim to make your way to one of the cities that tours depart from for Fraser Island if you are joining a tour. Sydney to Fraser Island Bus Tours Overland.

Travel to Western Australia

Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach Stopovers

These cities and towns include Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Rainbow Beach, Noosa and Hervey Bay. The two main launch points to the island are near Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach, with everyone departing from either of these points. To actually reach Fraser Island, you will have to get a ferry from the mainland that will bring you to the island itself.

Tour by Bus Sydney to Fraser Island

Self-drive Fraser Island Tours
Tour Fraser Island in a 4 X 4

There are two main bus services that run in Australia; Greyhound and Premier. The travel time ranges from 23 – 26 hours and all busses have a layover in Brisbane, where you will have to switch busses. The perk of getting the bus is that you can choose to get a hop-on/hop-off bus pass that will allow you to explore a bit more of Australia! 

There are several types of hop-on, hop-off passes that vary in length of time as well as the number of users, each of which will allow you to spend more time in more places during your bus trip. Any road trip will allow you to see plenty of the countryside and Australian landscape and can allow you to make stops along the way. 

Flying is the fastest option and will bring right to the heart of the Fraser Coast from Sydney, making it the easiest option for making your way between these two amazing destinations.

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