Things to do in Newcastle New South Wales

Things to do in Newcastle New South Wales

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Newcastle as a metropolis is jaw-dropping at first glance. While it may lack the grandeur of Melbourne or Sydney, that’s hardly a criticism.

Taking a quick glance at it is already stunning. Located on a peninsula that extends out to sea at the mouth of the Hunter River, the city has a flourishing central business district despite its picturesque beaches and lively harbor waterfronts. Anyone can understand why the people of Novocastrian take such pride in their hometown. Not only is this a great place to live, but there are also a ton of things to do for “backpacker” types.

Beaches & Surfing

Beaches are a major selling factor for the city. In the northern part of the city, you’ll find Stockton’s undulating sand dunes—and everyone knows how fun—and in the southern part, you’ll find Merewether’s world-class waves—part of the city’s breathtaking coastline. Although I lack the tan necessary to join that surfing club, I still enjoy giving it a go, and I can declare without hesitation that this is among the greatest surfing spots in the nation. What’s more, it is home to some of the world’s best surfers.

Stockton and the somewhat busier Nobby’s beach are both excellent locations to learn how to surf. There is a good selection of surf schools and several locations to rent boards. Whether or whether you’re a fan of surfing, you should still make time to visit Stockton because of its beachside camping and other attractions. It would be foolish to pass up the opportunity to play on the 32 kilometers of sand dunes, some of which are 30 meters high. Whether you’re looking for a low-key, cautious descent (like me) or a high-octane, reckless adventure in a variety of 4WD vehicles, the decision is yours.

Hardened surfers should go to Newcastle Beach, whereas surfer fantasies should be reserved for Merewether. Popular spots include Dixon Park Beach and Bar Beach, both of which have protected rock pools; two ocean baths, one in the city proper at Newcastle and the other at Merewether, round out the list.

Also, in 1819, convict laborers excavated a hole into the ocean rocks to create the Bogey Hole, which is located at the base of Shepherds Hill under King Edward Park. These are nice small areas to explore, as are all the beaches surrounding the town, if you’re not a surfer but still want to relax and get a tan after a long winter.

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