Top 6 Sports Events in The World You Can’t-Miss!

Sports Events in The World You Can’t-Miss

Some of the world sporting events are inimitable. One should witness the spectacle live if possible. Here are the top 6 sporting events that one shouldn’t miss.

1. World Cup Soccer

Organized in every fourth year the world cup soccer is one such sport that you can’t miss to watch it. While millions of people around the world drop everything for a month to watch the world cup soccer champion, then you can imagine how much craze this tournament holds. Most of the teams that qualify for the world cup are winners from several qualifying rounds that are played during the three years. So, you get to see the best of the best squads compete with each other to grab the title where rivalries are quite fierce.

2. The National Basketball Association Finals, United States

National Basketball Association Final events are a great showdown among fans, stars, and several teams playing around 93 games to get there. The highlights of the games are the movie stars who take the front row seats and the cheerleaders who, with their high energy dance, mesmerize the event. With various acrobatic affairs to score goals, the sport has changed a lot irrespective of the prize. The spectacle is a must to watch if one is an avid fan of basketball. 

3. The Masters, United States

Not to miss this one in the list of top sports events, Augusta National Golf Club organizes The Masters a golf championship that has a four-day stroke of playing 18 holes each day. Unlike other sports events, it is stuck to its tradition, and till today the average winning score is eight under par. 

The venue and setting of Augusta golf club are so scenic that one can’t express the lush greenery all around, and the fans get to enjoy an unmatched performance of golfers. If you want to buy a ticket at a lower cost than you also have an option to attend some practice rounds days before the event to get to see the same players on the same course.

4. Wimbledon, England

One of the significant and prestigious sports events, Wimbledon in Old London, is a grand spectacle in itself. One of the top four tennis tournaments that make the grand slam is famous among many people from around the world. This high skilled sport has been popular since the 18th century mainly because of its setting and surrounding pomp and also because it is played on the natural turf surface. 

With some prominent faces in the history of tennis and the matchups between the likes of Connors versus Borg or Agassi versus Pete Sampras has only magnified the grass courts. The winner of this tournament sports the number one ranking in world tennis, thus making it a grand affair.

5. F1 Melbourne

The first Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix took place at Albert Park in Melbourne in the year 1993. It is one of the fastest tracks where Lewis Hamilton’s set at an average of 235km/h in the year 2018. Melbourne is one of the world’s best cities surrounded by a blast all year round, but this F1 championship makes it even better when it rolls into town. Due to such interest among fans, such sports events have changed radically and have even gained popularity among live bettors. BlueBet platform offers several great scoring opportunities in terms of betting to make it an exciting game to watch.

Each March, the city is transformed into a spectacular high-speed race track, which you cannot find at any other F1 race in the world. So, don’t miss attending this exciting event in the heart of Melbourne.

6. World Series, United States

A major sporting event, World Series, a baseball championship is a cultural landscape of Americans as several dynasties have followed and kept this sport alive. Held in April, where each of the 32 teams has to contest in more than 162 games of the season doggedly and consistently, this event is one hell of a ride. 

Because of its popularity, it is difficult and challenging for anyone to get tickets to this tournament. One has to book it months before the event date, but still, it is worth the effort. The energy, the excitement that you experience in the city while you watch the game is infectious. So, do plan to attend this sport event once in your lifetime.