Nursing Work in Sydney

nurse jobs in Sydney

Find yourself nursing work in Sydney and wider Australia through using agency Bower YNA. The appeal of being a healthcare nurse in Sydney brings so many British people to Australia to experience the professional lifestyle Down Under. With Bower YNA, you can enjoy both the work and play side of Sydney and now all other states thanks to a recent national partnership with YNA.

Which healthcare professionals Bower YNA assist?

Registered Nurses
Acute Care Nurses
ICU Nurses
Rural Nurses
Allied Healthcare Workers
Aged Care Nurses
Community Nurses

Bower Healthcare offer fantastic working opportunities for nurses looking to land a placement in Sydney, however, there are a number of requirements that candidates must meet to be eligible for work in Australia.

What Australian Visa do nurses need?

There are three ways in which Bower Healthcare nurses can be considered for an application through visa status; either you are an Australian citizen, permanent resident or holding a valid visa that entitles you to work in the country. You’ll need to have  your AHPRA Registration and at least 12 months experience. Student nurses may need to wait and we would advise you speak to the team at Bower YNA before arriving in Australia to check your eligibility.

What are Bower YNA Look For in Nurses?

All registered nurses need to possess at least a year’s post graduate clinical experience, with experience being favoured for Endorsed Enrolled Nurses; this isn’t necessary, however. Those who are applying for an Assistant in Nursing and Orderly position will only need to be in their 2nd year or above of a current nursing degree, having completed clinical placements.

The nursing experience will need to be relevant to the area in which you are applying for and preferably within the last 6 months, but definitely within a year.

For a full break-down of what is required to join the team of skilled nurses in Sydney, visit Bower Healthcare where you can also begin your application process and register online.