Working Holiday Nursing Jobs for British Nurses in Sydney Australia

Working Holiday Nursing Jobs for British Nurses in Sydney

When looking at how to move to Australia as a Nurse you have to first remember that it’s a complex process but a very well-trodden path. With over 20,000 nurses have made the move down under in the past 15 years.

What do you need to work in Sydney, Australia as a nurse?

To practice as a Nurse in Sydney, Australia, whether it’s as a nurse you will need to be registered with AHPRA – Australia’s Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. You will also need a valid visa that gives you the right to work in Australia or hold a New Zealand Passport. 

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How early can I apply for AHPRA?

It depends on your travel plans. For Nursing, after your application has been assessed and approved, you then are considered to be approved in principle. You then have 12 months to attend an AHPRA office from the date of your approval letter to activate your registration. The more time you allow for your AHPRA application the better, we see quite often people misjudging the time and arriving in Australia without being able to practice.


Your Nursing Degree will enable you to claim 15 points. The Skills Authorities now stipulate that Nurses must be Degree qualified. Those of you with Diplomas should top up your qualifications before starting the migration process. An English test is mandatory for Nurses emigrating to Australia because it is expressly laid down by the Skills Assessment Authority for Nurses.

What fees will you need to pay before I get to Australia?

There will be fees payable for your Visa and as you will be working in the healthcare industry you will also need a medical for the visa which will also be a cost. There are also fees for AHPRA and these vary depending on your profession.

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