10 Things To Do At Uluru Northern Territory Australia

10 Things To Do At Uluru Northern Territory Australia

Best 10 Things To Do At Uluru Northern Territory Australia

Uluru is the sacred mountain of the Aboriginal people of Australia.  Though Uluru has closed permanently for climbing on October 26th, 2019, it has many other tourist attractions.  The following are some of the best experiences at Uluru;

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1. Uluru Sunsets and Sunrises

Soak in the awesome colours of the magnificent sunset over Uluru, count a million stars above your head at the Ayers Rock Campground and wake up to the astonishing Uluru sunrise!

2. Field of Light Uluru

Stand in awe at the ethereal beauty of Uluru as it is thrown into silhouette, and the field of light illuminates as far as your eye can see!  The astonishing creation of a desert spectrum of ochre, deep violet, blue and white by the internationally celebrated artist Bruce Munroe is a fantasy garden of 50,000 spindles of light!

3. Interpretive Walks around Uluru

Camp around Uluru and indulge in many interpretive walks along its base and learn the interesting facts about the life, rich culture and beliefs of the traditional owners of this ancient land, the Anangu people.  The Mala Walk, Kuniya Walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole, Uluru base walk and Liru walk are some of the trails recommended for tourists.

4. Indigenous Cultural Experiences

The cultural centre and the cultural tour at Kata Tjuta will give you the most incredible indigenous cultural experiences, including viewing boomerang throwing.  

5. Aboriginal Art

Walk the ancient land of Aboriginal people and admire their artwork, in the dot paintings and Aboriginal cave paintings, which portray their rich culture!  

6. Camel Rides at Sunrise or Sunset

Enjoy the fabulous views of the sunrise or sunset from the back of your camel against the incredible backdrop of Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

7. Wildlife Spotting at Uluru

Go on walks around Uluru and spot some of the native animal, bird and reptile species.  Birdlife such as ring-neck parrot, budgie, falcon, honeyeater, wagtails, zebra finch, kingfisher, cockatoos and robins are spotted in abundance while animals such as Red Kangaroo, brush-tailed Mulgara and southern marsupial mole are spotted too.  Watch out for the King brown snake and the Woma Python!

8. BBQ Dinner and Star-gazing

Indulge in a traditional Australian barbecue featuring sizzling gourmet sausages, a sumptuous selection of meats, seasonal salads and fresh bread rolls accompanied by complimentary beer, wine and soft drinks, against the backdrop of Uluru!  Gaze the myriad twinkling stars across the night sky and pick out the planets and constellations including the Southern Cross with the guidance of the star expert!

9. Self-guided Bike Ride around Uluru

Explore the immense, grand Uluru at your pace through this 3-hour bike rental for a self-guided tour around the Ayer’s Rock.  Choose from adult bikes, kids’ bikes as well as toddler seats and enjoy the family fun!

10. Dot Painting Workshop

Join indigenous artists in a fun introduction to Western Indigenous Art, as you create your own artwork to take home as memorabilia using the different symbols to create beautiful works of art depicting Aboriginal Creation Time (Tjukurpa) stories. 

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