5 Travel Hacks For Your Outback Tours

Travel Hacks for Australia with Mulgas Adventures

Mulgas Adventures have been taking thrill seeking adventurers on fun and exciting Outback Tours for many years. With the environments in which they explore; such as the Red Centre, Uluru, Alice Springs and Northern Territory being as equally hostile as they are beautiful, their Tour Guides have adopted some travel hacks which they recommend travellers should also consider when joining the team on their Outback Tours and explorations.

Here is what Mulgas suggest!

1 – Comfy Shoes

“With beautiful walks it is essential to have shoes that feel great on your feet, this will lessen or eliminate blistering and provide the support you need so you can enjoy the scenery and not worry about your feet.”

2 – Camelback/ Hydration Pack

“With the outback having such a dry climate, it is easy to become dehydrated. Hydration packs make it ten times easier to stay hydrated; I prefer a 3 litre size pack which should be enough for a few hours of hiking. I take it everywhere, even while exploring cities as it saves you money and protects you from the heat.”

3 – Solar Power Battery Charger

“I love gadgets that work whilst walking, attach a solar powered charger to you pack and plug it in, this saves fighting for the power at camp if there is any available. With the number of completely clear sunny days being 200 a year on average and the average hours of sunshine being 9 hours a day, there is plenty to go around.”

4 – Swimwear

“Yes there is water around! Summer temperatures can be high but there may be an opportunity for a swim. If exploring central Australia, there are many waterholes sheltered by amazing gorges. You just have to find them!” Or like Mulgas, Know exactly where they are!

5 – Say G’day and Wave

“With the area being so remote and the population so small, it’s essential we all get along! Don’t be afraid to say hello or wave to a passing car, it could help you out at a later stage of your travels. In general, on our Uluru Tours every one is smiling and waving at one another”

It most certainly helps to gain knowledge of the small hacks which make travelling around Australia that much easier and now with Mulgas Adventures advice, you’ll be well on your way to make the most of your Aussie experiences.

For more information on Mulgas Adventures tours, visit mulgasadventures.com.au!

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