Aboriginal culture near Darwin and Northern Territory

Aboriginal culture near Darwin and Northern Territory

When you decide to visit the Northern Territory, you can immerse yourself in artworks, stories, and ancient traditions of the Aborigines who are one of the oldest living groups in the world. The aborigines are the first inhabitants of the continent who arrived 65,000 years ago. It created rich customs and tapestry that are different in each region. 

Diverse groups 

From Yolngu in Arnhem to the people in Tiwi Island close to the Timor Sea, there are over 40 different aboriginal language groups residing in the Northern Territory. A common theme that you will find within the language groups is the strong spiritual connection they have to the land. 

Landscape and spirituality 

Dreamtime stories will consist of spiritual beliefs, local laws, and history. These stories go from generation to generation through dance, songs, and art. They also tell about the inhabitants and the creation of the landscape they live in. 

Northern Territory indigenous Culture centres

These centres provide an insight into the history, artwork, and tradition of the local inhabitants. You can go through the galleries to find original paintings, meet artists, and learn to make local handicrafts that include basketry and jewellery. 

Learn the ways of a hunter-gatherer

By signing up for a bush tucker tour, you will be led by an indigenous guide and can learn the way of a hunter. You will also get a chance to learn about making fire by rubbing sticks, learn to source food types, and try out foods like the kangaroo, turtle, and witchetty grub. 

The culture of the Northern Territory

If you want to taste the culture of the Northern Territory, heading to Tiwi Island will give you a chance to experience Polynesian customs that meets Australian ingenious culture. You can also take an organized tour 80 km north of Darwin to meet the people of Tiwi, and experience bark paintings and wood carvings.

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