Alice Springs to Cairns by Bus tours this winter

Alice Springs to Cairns by Bus tours

If you are a person who finds the remote regions of Australia alluring, this is the tour for you. It is a scenic tour where Uluru is a part of the journey and not the destination. 


Alice Springs is considered the spiritual heart of Australia. It consists of several river and ranges that are millions of years old and art and story of the ancient aboriginal culture. It is a stunning landscape that includes rocky chasms, red desert sands, spinifex dunes, and diverse wildlife. 


The Beautiful Ayer’s Rock or Uluru is a world-famous Natural wonder. The sunset and sunset experienced form this magnificent location turns into different colours with black with rain or red with the sun.  If you are lucky you will witness a rainbow at the spectacular location. 


The Uluru sunrise will be a memorable experience over the World’s Largest Rock. You can then go on an Uluru base walk around Uluru. You will get to witness Mutijuli Waterhole, Mala Walk, and Aboriginal Paintings along the way. 

Cultural centre

You can get more information about the Anangu People who are the traditional owners of the land. There are also a number of tours organized from this location. During the Mala walk, you will go past caves filled with paintings of the Aboriginals people and a waterfall. 

Kata Tjuta

The Kata Tjuta means “many heads”. You can take photos and go to Walpa Gorge and see wild camels. 

Kings Canyon walk

The Kings Canyon Walk takes approximately 3 hours and is preferred to be done at dawn and in a clockwise direction. After the hike, you will come across “Priscilla Gap” which is famous for the movie “Priscilla Queen of the Desert”. Continuing the walk you will come across ancient sea beds and then enter into the Garden of Eden which is filled with fauna and flora.

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