Mulgas Adventures 4 Day Rock Tour Northern Territories Review

Mulgas Adventures 4 Day Rock Tour Northern Territories Review


Mulgas Adventure tours 4 day Uluru tour $459: Get ready for the most epic road trip ever. Driving along the dusty roads of outer Alice Springs is an absolute dream. Everywhere you turn, you’ll be mesmerised by the breathtaking red-rock scenery. And guess what? The cherry on top is the tranquil Ormiston Gorge. Trust us, it’s pure bliss.

Mulgas Uluru Tour

BBM Live’s Gabriel Laine heads to the Red Centre on board with Mulgas Adventures to visit the most famous rock on Earth – Uluru.

What we liked:
• Comfortable transport
• Good number of people in the group (not too many, not to few)
• Value for money
• Great tour route with plenty of time to explore at each destination
• Freedom to explore on your own
• Quality of accommodation (considering it’s the outback !)
• Hilarious tour guide
• Camping under the stars

Upon landing in Alice Springs we were super excited about the next 4 days that were ahead of us.

Known as Australia’s Red Centre, this part of the country is where the most famous monolith on Earth resides, and we were all too excited, knowing that we would get to see one of Australia’s most famous icons.

Day One – Uluru

Departing for day one, we left Cairns to land straight in Uluru, which was a treat as most of the campers drive that day from Alice Springs. We waited a bit at the airport, and were picked up by Jason, our tour-guide, who drove straight from Alice springs with a bunch of backpackers sharing the trip with us. From there, since we were a little late, Jason decided to leave the introduction chat to later, and head straight to the camp to eat and get ready to visit Uluru, which was amazing, you don’t get that much flexibility with a bus tour.. Arriving at Uluru we were hit with the mammoth size of this great docile rock as it dominated the horizon. A visit to the Cultural Centre saw us get a great understanding of the local nature and the Aboriginal people that live in the area.

Next up was a walk around the great base of Uluru – giving us a totally different perspective of the rock being so close to it. Towards the end of the day we had the chance to see the rock illuminate as the sun set making it appear like it was almost on fire – all whilst having a glass of bubbly to mark the occasion of visiting such a special place. Amazing as well, Jason had picked up some gluten free crackers for some of our crew, which is mind-blowing given we’re out backpacking in the outback !

That night we camped and enjoyed a great meal and a hot shower to wash the day’s hiking off. Jason cooked an amazing meal (fajitas) in the middle of nowhere, and of course, vegetarians also had an option especially for them. That night, we got t meet some of the few amazing people in our crew, and probably took it to bed too late, setting up the swag in complete darkness, right around the fire camp, and staring at the stars which are to die for out there.

Day Two – Kata Tjuta

Day two it was off to an early start again as we headed to Kata Tjuta to walk through the Valley of the Winds before reaching Kings Creek Station. Kata Tjuta was formerly known as The Olgas. The best way to describe it is like a field of mini Uluru’s – except for, really not that mini! Jason woke us up with breakfast, singing loudly and obnoxiously, which seemed to work pretty well for even the most avid sleeper ! We got there on time to see the sun set above the rock-field, which was amazing, even with temperatures around 4 degrees ! Fortunately, we all got to bring our sleeping bag and hang out watching the sun.
Later on, we continued our trip by going to the valley of the winds. Jason gave us a comprehensive explanation of how this was created, and we had some time by ourselves to go visit the area.

This day was a great chance to really get to know our fellow tour mates as we all shared a proper Aussie style BBQ dinner around a campfire. What was amazing about this part of the trip was seeing more stars than you could ever imagine streaming across the night sky. That night, we slept at a different camp, and as usual, we stop before sunset to get some wood for the night. The wood we use is called “Mulga wood” (yeah, that Mulga), and this is used by aborigines to kill small animals as it contains a poisonous substance. Needless to say : don’t break try to break wood with your leg and get one of these in your flesh, you will need IV of antibiotics later guaranteed, true story !

Day Three – Kings Canyon

Day Three brought us to Kings Canyon which, to put simply is just pretty epic. The vast gorges and sheer rock faces are enough to give you vertigo, but incredible nonetheless. At this stage, everyone knows everyone, and the visit is even more enjoyable! Kings Canyon was our favorite of the trip : the heights, the water reservoir in the middle of an arid desert is amazing, and Jason would explain every little detail the aborigines would do in this special place. Fascinating !

After every hike, Jason would be ready with oranges and energy bars (suitable for vegans), perfect to get some energy back for the next visit. We had the opportunity to do many pictures of the scenery, and head back to the bus to drop some of the crew (3 days folks) who would then head back to alice springs. During that time, we got to enjoy the camping swimming pool (yeah), visited the camel and emu’s around. For those more wealthy, you could even rent a quad, or go for an helicopter tour of the rock !

After dropping them off, Jason took us to another camping spot (way more remote this time), and we got to enjoy another great dinner night in an awesome spot! Another night around the campfire would seal an epic day 3.

Day Four – Uluru and back to alice

Day four was enjoyable as it was the first day ever you get to wake up after 6:30am ! waking up with an amazing breakfast, again, we took it slow.. Driving back to Alice Springs, Jason stopped in a nice hidden spot on the side of the road where we got to enjoy another view of the rock and scenery around. We then headed to the camel farm where some of us took the leap and tried riding one for 15 minutes.. Others were at the back looking at the animal farm where you can see kangaroos, emus, water bison’s, ducks, ostriches.. After the trip to the farm, we drove back to the airport where some of our crew was taking off, and then pursued on the road to head back to Alice spring.

Travel tip:
Pack warm clothing, camping in the outback can get pretty damn cold at night!