The ultimate traveller’s pilgrimage to Australia – Uluru

05 Reasons Uluru is a Backpackers Holiday Destination

The thing of many a postcard, no traveller’s pilgrimage to Australia is complete until they’ve seen Uluru in the middle that the locals call Uluru.
A thing of wonder, Uluru has baffled scientists across the world for eons and been revered as a mystical wonder by the first peoples for milenia.
The great monolith (that’s a seemingly freestanding hunk of rock to the non-geologists amongst you) rises a whopping 1,142 feet (348 metres) from the ground and is surrounded by a sea of red earth and is probably the most famous rock formation on the entire planet.
Residing in Australia’s Red Centre, Uluru is best experienced at dawn and dusk, meaning you’ll want to camp nearby to catch its fiery red appearance against the backdrop of an other wordly sky and desert expanse. Upon visiting Uluru you’ll feel dwarfed by its presence as the base is a mammoth 5.8 miles in circumference.
Largely unknown to travellers is that Uluru isn’t the only gnarly rock formation you can witness whilst visiting the NT. Its neighbours include other Mars-like landscapes in the form of Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) a group of dome shaped rocks, as well as Kings Canyon where you can expect some dizzying views, and incredible photo opps.
Other alien experiences to have whilst camping in the Red Centre is the fact that the days can be scorching hot, whilst the nights will have you reaching for your wooly socks and hoodies, but guys – that’s the desert experience, so if you’re heading out that way, pack accordingly.
This unspoilt land a million miles away from it all also has its advantages when it comes to nightfall with the sky lighting up to reveal unrivalled views of the Milky Way. Now how’s that for a moment of magic?
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