Things to do in Darwin Northern Territory today

Things to do in Darwin Northern Territory today

Darwin can be named as a thriving tropical capital. It is a great venue for a budget backpacker and a traveller looking to do a few activities. It has a lot of things that can be done for free on the Top end of Australia. 

Watch the spectacular tropical sunset. 

You can relax on the beach and watch a spectacular sunset with brilliant colours as the sun disappears into the ocean. Cullen Beach, Mindil beach, and the East point reserve are some of the famous spots to experience the sunset. 

The Museum and Art Gallery of the North territory

You can learn about the History of the Northern Territory and also have a look at Aboriginal art, and sciences of the region. You can enjoy the Harbour views from the Museum. You should also not miss Cyclone Tracy exhibits. 

 Trip to Litchfield National Park

You can go on a trip to view the water holes and waterfalls of the Litchfield National Park. It is nature’s water theme park. You can swim under cascading waterfalls, bushwalk the trails of the rain forest, and marvel at the large termite mounds. You can also enjoy free Wi-Fi at Wangi Falls.   

Swim at the Berry Springs National Park

Berry Springs is located just 40 minutes from Darwin and is a great place to relax. You can take a dip in the pristine water with several water holes. 

The Darwin Water Front Precinct

The Darwin waterfront has a lush grass area for you to relax which is surrounded by palm trees and a swimming lagoon. 

Take a stroll in the botanic gardens

You can wander into the monsoon forests, woodlands, mangroves at the George Brown Botanic Gardens which is located close to the city. You will get to discover traditional plants and spot native birds during the walk.

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