Things to Do in the Northern Territory Darwin Alice Springs Uluru

Things to Do in the Northern Territory Darwin Alice Springs Ularu

Things to Do in the Northern Territory Darwin Alice Springs Uluru

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There is no evidence of COVID-19 community transmission in the Northern Territory!  The state government has outlined a three-step roadmap to take the Northern Territory to the new normal. Its closed borders and zero community transmissions make these steps easy for implementation in the Northern Territory.  The current stage, Stage 3, commenced on June 5th, 2020.

New Normal in Stage 3 of COVID-19 Response

In Stage 3 of the COVID-19 Response plan, the following changes are made to ease the restrictions;

  • All licensed gaming activities including a TAB can be operated.
  • Officiating, participating, and supporting team sports such as football, basketball, soccer and netball is permitted.
  • Cinema, theatre, concerts, music halls, dance halls, night clubs, or other similar entertainment venues in approved configuration can be attended.
  • Attending an amusement venue, park, community center, recreation center, or play center is permitted.
  • Attending a bar without food being consumed is permitted.
  • Beauty therapy and or/cosmetic services including facial care can be operated as well as accessed.
  • Tattooing or body art such as branding and piercing can be operated and accessed.
  • Attending an arena, stadium, sporting facility, sporting competitions with spectators in approved seating configuration is allowed.  However, if there are above 500 people, the event requires a separately approved COVID-19 Safety Plan.
  • All businesses, facilities and services previously restricted can now resume ensuring adherence to key principles.
  • Major events will be approved on a case by case basis.

For more information on this matter, please visit;

Self-quarantine Guidelines

  • Interstate Travellers

From June 15th, 2020, the Northern Territory has transitioned from mandatory 14 days monitored quarantine to 14 days mandatory self-quarantine.  Presently, all those arriving from interstate are allowed to undertake the 14 day quarantine period.  This could be arranged in private accommodation, inappropriate commercial accommodation at their own cost or in their homes.

  • Overseas Travellers

All those arriving from overseas are required to undertake the 14 days quarantine period in mandatory monitored commercial accommodation at their own cost.  This precaution is taken due to the much higher risk associated with international travel in the present times.

For more information on self-quarantine guidelines of the Northern Territory, please visit;

Restrictions on Parks and Reserves in the Northern Territory

As soon as Stage 3 commenced on June 5th, 2020, the restrictions on designated biosecurity zones have been lifted.  Residents can move freely between their communities, homelands, and town.  It is no longer required to quarantine for 14 days before entering a remote community.  However, any non-residents should obtain necessary permits prior to visiting these areas.

For more information on this matter, please visit;

What Are the Parks and Reserves Open to the Public in the Northern Territory?

Unless closed for seasonal closures, parks and reserves of the Northern Territory are open and accessible to Territorians.  However, the public is encouraged to check the websites below as conditions and access to parks in the Northern Territory can change at short notice;

For more information on parks and reserves in the Darwin Region, please visit;

For more information on parks and reserves in the Katherine Region, please visit;

For more information on parks and reserves in the Tennant Creek and Barkly Region, please visit;

For more information on parks and reserves in the Alice Springs Region, please visit;    

Things to do in Central Australia

Popular National Parks of Central Australia

Journey into one of Central Australia’s magnificent national parks!  Discover the stunning landscapes and unique wildlife interwoven with the ancient outback spirituality and the life of traditional landowners of the place!  Most of these places can be visited as day trips from Alice Springs.  But pitching a tent under the million stars will guarantee you an incredible experience!

  1. The Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

The Rock Tours

  • Uluru (Ayers Rock)

The sacred mountain of the Anangu Aboriginal people, Uluru, is the center of attention in this entire park.  Though Uluru has closed permanently for climbing on October 26th, 2019, it has many other attractions.  

For more information on Uluru, please visit;

The following are some of the best experiences at Uluru:

  1. Uluru Sunsets and Sunrises
  2.  Field of Light Uluru
  3. Interpretive Walks around Uluru – The Mala Walk, Kuniya Walk to Mutitjulu Waterhole, Uluru base walk and Liru walk
  4. Indigenous Cultural Experiences
  5. Aboriginal Art
  6. Camel Rides at Sunrise or Sunset
  7. BBQ Dinner and Star-gazing
  8. Self-guided Bike Ride around Uluru
  9. Dot Painting Workshop
  • Kata Tjuta (The Olgas or Mount Olga)

The 500-million-year-old, large, domed rock formations, with Mt. Olga at the peak make up Kata Tjuta.   The cultural tour at Kata Tjuta features the most incredible indigenous cultural experiences!  These rocks are sacred to the Anangu Aboriginal people.  

For more information on the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, please visit;

  1. Watarrka National Park (Kings Canyon)

Positioned at George Gill Range, the Kings Canyon is a vast natural red canyon that is 400 million years old.  The canyon soars 100m above Kings Creek to a plateau of rocky domes.  The Park is home to over 750 species of plants, including 60 that are rare and unique to the region. 

For more information of Watarrka National Park, please visit;

  1. West McDonnell National Park (Tjoritja)

The caterpillar-like MacDonnell Ranges that stretch out over hundreds of kilometers each side of Alice Springs are 800-million-year-old landscapes.  

Hiking, bush walks, 4 WD tracks, freshwater swimming holes are some of the “must-do” activities.  Incredible views and camping spots add to the pleasure of the tour!

For more information on West McDonnell National Park, please visit;

Little Known National Parks of Central Australia

Apart from these popular national parks, there are some little known national parks and reserves located in Central Australia.  Here are some of the off-the-beaten-track places that few people have heard of, yet equally astonishing and incredible!  

  1. Davenport Ranges – Itwelepwenty National Park

The Davenport Ranges provide an incredible remote visitor experience for 4WD drivers who crave for adventure!  The national park overlays a rich living cultural landscape of the Alyawarr, Wakaya, Kaytete, and Warumungu traditional owners.  Challenging 4W driving, great scenery, birdlife, and photography, as well as year-round swimming, are some of the “must do’s.”

For more information on the Itwelepwenty National Park, please visit;

  1. Ruby Gap Nature Park

This beautiful nature park gets its name since the olden times of ruby-rush as well as the ruby-like pebbles found here.  Once inside this park accessed only by 4WD, you can camp anywhere along the Hale River.  Bird-watching & amazing photo opportunities, as well as the 8 km return bushwalk and swimming, are “must-do” activities here!

For more information on the Ruby Gap Nature Park, please visit;

How to get to the National Parks of Central Australia?

i. Tours from Alice Springs

To book your tours to these amazing rugged attractions of Central Australia from Alice Springs, please visit;

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ii. Tours from Adelaide

Adventure tours from Adelaide too cover the above stated rugged attractions of Central Australia through an alternate route intersecting South Australia.

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Things to Do Along the Way to the Top End From Central Australia

Popular National Parks along the way to the Top End

  1. Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve

Experience the impressive sight of the Devils Marbles or “Karlu Karlu” as you travel along.  Awe and wonder at the amazing play of light at these gigantic boulders at sunrise and sunset!  Short walks, exploring the geological features, wildlife spotting, camping and ranger-guided activities feature your experience in this internationally recognized symbol of the Outback.

For more information on Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, please visit;

  1. Elsey National Park

Take a dip in the Mataranka Thermal Pools or Bitter Springs at the Elsey National Park to soothe your aches and pains!  Camping, boating, bushwalking, fishing, and viewing historical sites are among the many attractions here!  

For more information on Elsey National Park, please visit;

  1. Nitmiluk National Park

Admire the breath-taking rugged sandstone beauty of the Nitmiluk National Park!  Awe at the idyllic Katherine Gorge with its spectacular cliffs, on which sunlight plays its magic!  Explore the 13 impressive gorges that stretch as far as the eye can see on foot, by canoe, boat, or helicopter.  Have a relaxing dip at the beautiful Edith Falls and camp within the national park!

For more information on Nitmiluk National Park, please visit;

Things to do at the Top End

Popular National Parks of the Top End

  1. Litchfield National Park

No visit to Darwin is complete without a memorable visit to Litchfield National Park, less than 2 hours from the city.  With its diverse landscape of stunning waterfalls that cascade into crystal clear pools, weathered sandstone, and native wildlife, there is plenty to do.  You can swim under the falls, chill out in gorgeous waterholes, or take the many short walks along beautiful trails!

For more information on Litchfield National Park, please visit;

  1. Kakadu National Park

Stunning waterfalls, swimming holes, indigenous heritage and art, rainforests, bush-land and thousands of species of wildlife constitute to the astounding beauty of this World Heritage-listed national park!  The Jim Jim Falls, Gunlom plunge pool, Yellow Water Billabong and Ubirr’s best-preserved Aboriginal rock art are some of the attractions not-to-miss!

For more information on Kakadu National Park, please visit;

How to get to the National Parks along the way to the Top End?

  1. The bus trip from Alice Springs to Darwin

Traveling from Alice Springs to Darwin on a bus is your ultimate chance to see the real Australian Outback!  Sit back, and take it all in as the panorama rolls through windows of the luxury bus in an amazing 22-hour journey!  

To book your luxury bus trip from Alice Springs to Darwin, please visit;

Whimit Travel Pass

This bus trip from Alice Springs to Darwin is made perfect with Greyhound Australia’s Whimit Travel Pass.  The pass lets you break up your journey by stopping over in Outback towns and national parks along the way!  You can then jump back on a Greyhound bus heading in any direction, in any route within your chosen time frame!

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Things to Do in Darwin

The Top End region is home to Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia.  It is situated on the Timor Sea.  Having more than 60 nationalities among its population, Darwin has become one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities.  It is also the largest city in the sparsely populated Northern Territory.

Darwin Crocodile Attractions

There are around 200,000 saltwater crocodiles in Australia, with the vast majority of them calling the Top End and Darwin home.  The tropical climate of the Northern Territory makes Darwin the perfect habitat for the resident saltwater crocodiles.  As such, it is well worth a visit to the many attractions of these magnificent, prehistoric creatures at Darwin while you are here!

Crocosaurus Cove

The Crocosaurus Cove, located right at the heart of Darwin City, is a major crocodile dive attraction!  The facility is dedicated to the magnificent saltwater crocodiles and also houses the largest display of Australia’s reptiles.  Some of the thrilling experiences offered are as follows;

         Cage of Death experience lets you slowly submerge into the enclosures of huge saltwater crocodiles, being within the safety of the secure glass enclosure!

         Fish for the Crocs lets you feed a swarm of hungry teenage crocodiles on a fishing rod!  Admire the juvenile crocodiles as they thrash around in the water for treat after treat!

         Big Croc Feed VIP Experience lets you feed the huge saltwater crocodile in close proximity, on a fishing rod!

         See the Baby Crocs experience lets you hold the baby crocodiles in your hands before they grow into some of the most dangerous creatures!

          Fresh Water Aquarium exhibits for you the Barramundi, Archer Fish and Whiprays in its 200,000-litre freshwater capacity.

          Turtle Billabong is where you can meet up with some of the Top End’s cutest inhabitants.  They are the Red & Yellow Face Turtles, Snapping Turtles and the gorgeous Pig Nosed Turtles.

         The Reptile House features professional displays of over 70 different species, including snakes and lizards.

For more information and bookings of Crocosaurus Cove, please visit;

NT Resident Reopening Special

Grab amazing discounted rates for the “Cage of Death” and “Big Croc Feed” experiences for NT License plates as a reopening special of the Crocosaurus Cove!

To book these features, please visit;

Jumping Crocodile Cruise

Cruise along the Adelaide River with its crocodile-infested waters!  Watch and admire these primordial beasts as they glide through the water and jump up to snatch food!  The tour also covers the following;

i. Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre

Look out for unique birdlife, especially birds of prey at the Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre.  Learn about the area’s natural and cultural history through advanced educational displays too.

For more information, please visit;

ii. Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

Experience spectacular wetlands and wildlife throughout the year at this reserve.  Bird watching, as well as other wildlife spottings such as water pythons and freshwater turtles, are other features.

For more information, please visit;

Things to do from the Top End to Western Australia

Popular National Parks from the Top End to Western Australia

  1. Purnululu National Park

The sheer grandeur of the sandstone massif of this national park and its transformation into a golden hue is an awesome sight to behold!  The Purnululu National Park is home to the fascinating Bungle Bungle Ranges, which is a maze of orange and black-striped sandstone domes.  Walking through marvelous gorges and other impressive walks are its main features!

For more information of Purnululu National Park, please visit;

  1. Windjana Gorge National Park

Windjana Gorge National Park is one of the most stunning gorges of the Kimberley region.  The water-streaked gorge walls rise majestically to heights of 100 meters and contain fossilized marine life forms within them!  The impressive walk through the gorge, wildlife spotting, and camping are things to do in this beautiful park!

For more information on Windjana Gorge National Park, please visit;

How to get to the National Parks of Western Australia?

  1. The bus trip from Darwin to Broome

The jaw-dropping bus trip through the Kimberley region from Darwin to Broome is one that one should experience at least once in their lifetime.  Through this bus trip, you can access the popular national parks of the Kimberley region.  On your 24-hour bus trip through this beautiful region, you will experience some of the most stunning sights Australia has to offer!

To book your luxury bus trip from Darwin to Broome, please visit;