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Go on a drive out to Watarrka National Park home of Kings Canyon. Walk along the red rock cliffs and take in views of the forest of palms below.

Watarrka National Park

Watarrka National Park includes the western end of the George Gill Range. This scenic landscape of rugged ranges, rock holes and gorges acts as a refuge for many plants and animals. Kings Canyon is the biggest attraction inside Watarrka National Park.

The ancient red canyon walls soar 100m above Kings Creek to a plateau of rocky domes. The sheltered creek environments below protect an abundance of flora including the MacDonnell Ranges Cycad. Kathleen Springs is located 21km by road from Kings Canyon

What to Expect

Only 3 hours from Uluru, Kings Canyon is a majestic destination featuring 100 m-high sandstone walls, palm-filled crevices and views that stretch across the desert. More than just a day trip destination, why not explore the walking trails, four-wheel drive tracks, and camel tours and accommodation options ranging from camping to resort-style rooms.

Rim Walk

Lace up your walking boots and explore the 6km Rim Walk a must for those seeking magnificent views of the Canyon rim, the weathered domes of ‘The Lost City’ and the ‘Garden of Eden’. There are options to suit all fitness levels.

Helicopter Tours

Now you have explored Kings Canyon by foot, the next option is to explore by air! Kings Canyon Resort offers Helicopter Tours with transfers to and from the resort.

Kings Canyon Walks

The two most popular walks in the park are the short, easy stroll along the canyon floor and the much longer, in parts strenuous but very, very rewarding walk up to and along the canyon rim.

Kings Creek Walk 

The walk follows the canyon floor for a bit and has some signs and displays explaining the vegetation on the canyon floor. It leads to a lookout point from where you have nice views of the towering walls.

Kings Canyon Rim Walk 

This is the real thing, the walk that everyone raves about. It requires an average level of fitness. It does take a few hours, and there is that initial steep climb to get up to the rim. The path is a lot less steep where it comes down again on the other side. It’s not difficult at all, there are steps where necessary

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