Uluru Tour Guide – 5 Facts About Central Australian Between May and October

Uluru Tour Guide - 5 Facts About Central Australian Between May and October

Uluru, previously known as Ayers Rock is Australia’s Red Centre. For thousands of years, Uluru has been a spiritual place for the Anangu people, the traditional owners. Ask most people who visit Uluru, and they often use to describe it as a spiritual experience.

5 Facts About Central Australian Between May and October

You’ve probably seen hundreds of Uluru pictures, postcards and TV commercials, but it’s a place for yourself that you have to see and feel. Here we discuss five fun facts about central Australia between May and October:

Lasseter Highway

At the top of a small sand dune is this unofficial lookout. Approximately 20 kilometres before you enter the boundary of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park, you can’t miss it.

Sunset at Uluru:

There are several sunset viewing spots in Uluru around Yulara town and within the National Park of Uluru – Kata Tjuta.

Each lookout and sunset offers a different view of the vibrant and ever-changing colours. The most popular sunset spot is the official Uluru Sunset Lookout about 10 kilometres down the road through the park entrance gates.

Uluru Base Walk:

One of the best things to do is you can walk around the base of Uluru. There are great walks trips around Australia but nothing quite like the one at Uluru. With one short sandy section, the walk is completely flat but otherwise solid underneath.

Uluru Sunset Camel Ride:

Looking for someone else to carry your load as you sit back and marvel at the landscape, then a trusty camel’s back is one of the unique ways to look aroundUluru.

Best Time to Visit Uluru:

Typically the most popular time to visit Uluru is the winter months as the temperatures are much cooler and the flies are not as intense. The rock colours are more vibrant and you’re  more  likely to see plenty of waterfalls


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