What to Pack for your Northern Territory Tours

What to Pack for your Northern Territory Tours

What to Pack for your Northern Territory Tours Australia

Experience the awe and wonder of the Australian outback, the land of geological marvels, rich Aboriginal culture & spirituality, astonishing outback sunrises, sunsets and a night sky with a million stars etc. all combined in one of the unforgettable road trips across the rugged outback of Australia! However, to embrace this amazing tour of a lifetime, you need to be prepared for the extreme climates of the outback.

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Simple packing guide for Northern Territory tours;

  • Good Walking Shoes 

Tours to the Red Centre of Australia covers mostly rugged terrain.  And many such rugged attractions have to be reached by walking!  As such, good quality comfortable pair of walking shoes is an absolutely necessary item among your luggage.  

  • A Good Sun Hat / Sunglasses / Sunscreen

Keeping the incessant rays of the harsh outback sun off you is necessary to make your tours most enjoyable.  Therefore, a good sun hat with a wide brim and a pair of sunglasses become other necessary items to protect yourself from the extremely hot climate of the Red Centre of Australia.  Apply sunscreen before you expose yourself to the harsh desert sun.

  • Water Bottle

A good quality heat-resistant water bottle that withstands rough use is something to be carried with you.  It can be refilled with tap water wherever you are.  Drinking lots and lots of water to keep you adequately hydrated along the journey is a sure way of overcoming dehydration and fatigue. 

  • Clothing

As the deserts experience very cold days in winter, woolen clothes are necessary to protect you from the extreme subzero temperatures at night.  However, if you are traveling in summer, bring a swimsuit to cool off in the waterholes and pools.

  • Guidebook

To know your way around the harsh terrain of Australia, you need to be assisted by a dependable tour guiding book/material.  

  • A good camera

Do justice to the gorgeous country of Australia!  Snap endless photographs of astonishing sunsets, sunrises, the warm night sky with a million stars as well as the geological wonders of this rugged territory as memorabilia of your amazing tours to the Northern Territory of Australia!  Bring along a good camera.

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